June 28, 2013

How to Diet to conceive a girl

how to conceive baby a girl
how to conceive a girl ? The primary point is the selection of day for the intercourse. It should be not on the very peak day (utmost fertile day: the mid point of the cycle- the most wet day) of woman’s menstrual cycle. Avoid sex on that time make sex in previous days from 5th while keeping the following points for having a baby girl

Semen contains sperms with X Y chromosomes and ovum contains XX chromosome.

When the X of man intersects with X of the women the child will be GIRL

When the Y of Man intersects X of the Women the chills will be BOY.

Y-chromosomes cannot live in acidic situation but this condition is favorable for X Chromosomes. On the peak day virginal tube and area will be in the state of least acidic and it is most favorable for Y Chromosome. So the sexual intercourse on this peak day gives the maximum chance for Boy.

This gives you a good chance to get what you want. Here are the magic numbers…

Dates to Conceive Baby Girl

Female Child: Days 5, 7, 9, & 15 from commencement of menstruation.

No other days are good for conception and there are a few black out days as well depending on the phase of the moon.

Diet to conceive a girl

Magnesium rich foodstuffs also help in conceiving a baby girl. Beans, green leafy vegetables and legumes are rich sources of magnesium.

foods high in magnesium and calcium




leafy green vegetables.

Avoid Alkaline foods which favours boy child

Banana, apricots,figs,raisins,nuts,All Bran, baked potatoes with skins.

most meats, and whole grains

Tips for having a girl

Increase your PH value using Acid Foods for concieving a girl

However, if you faster or more dramatic results, you can accomplish this through combining your diet and douching. There is an easy way that you can test this. Get a PH testing kit from many nutrition stores or on line. Test your PH before you start any of the diets or douches. Then, after a few days of your restrictive diet, test again. You’ll probably see moderate results. Then, douche with a solution meant to increase your PH and test again. You’ll likely see that the douching made a big difference. But, douching is not mandatory if you have the patience to implement the diet and keep testing until you reach optimal levels.

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June 23, 2013

How to Conceive Baby in Middle Age

How to Conceive Baby
Women in the developed countries often postpone giving birth or wish to get pregnant once more at middle age. It is possible for a woman to get pregnant and have a healthy baby at middle age, though she needs to invest more time and effort to get pregnant. Here are some tips to get pregnant in middle age.

Try to Conceive as soon as you can

The longer that you wait the smaller your chance will be to get pregnant. If you are already middle aged, it is time you get set to conceive before you run out of your chance.

Take Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins increase one’s chances of remaining pregnant if you successfully conceive.

Purchase an Ovulation Test Kit

Grab an ovulation test kit to know what the best time that you can pregnant in is. Once your ovulation test tells you that you are likely to ovulate in the following 24 hours, have sexual intercourse every day for the next two to three days. The sperm cells should be remain in the fallopian tube at the time of ovulation because the egg cells live only for a short period of time compared with the sperm cells.

Test your Progesterone Levels

Ask your doctor to test the progesterone levels once you get pregnant. The level of the progesterone hormone frequently drops in older women and it is important that the women keep producing this hormone to keep the pregnancy going. If your progesterone levels happen to be low, the doctor will give you prescription to increase the progesterone levels.

Do not Wait too Long

Do not try longer than six months to conceive if you are over 35 years. If you do not become pregnant during this time, get an appointment with a gynaecologist, who specialises in infertility to have a few blood tests taken during your menstrual cycle to ensure that you are ovulating and that you are producing enough hormones.

Get your Partner Tested

If everything seems right at your end, get your partner tested. It is not necessary that your difficulties in getting pregnant are because of you.

Take Fertility Drugs

Ask the gynaecologist to enhance your chances of conception by prescribing you fertility drugs. Fertility drugs may help you produce more than one egg during a cycle. The doctor may perform an insemination by virtue of which a washed sperm is placed inside the uterus when you ovulate to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Consider IVF

If you can still not get pregnant, consider getting In Vitro Fertilisation treatment done. This helps the doctor fertilise several of the egg cells.

If every step fails, the only option that you are left with is perhaps adoption. Remember that the risk of having genetic disorders increases with age. Therefore, try to get pregnant as soon as you can.

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June 20, 2013

Tips on How to Conceive a girl baby

how to conceive baby a girl tips
So you want to know how you can get pregnant with a girl. My first tip? Don’t even attempt to conceive until you are absolutely positive you’re okay with having a boy because there is absolutely no way to guarantee the baby you have will be a girl. It just isn’t possible. There are things you can do to increase your chances or getting pregnant with a girl but not one of them offers a 100% guarantee that your little bundle of joy will be Paula and not Paul. So how to you get pregnant with a girl or at least increase the chances of that happening? Let’s take a look at some of your options.

Ovulation may play a role.

There is a school of thought that says having conceiving before you ovulate will increase the chances you will get pregnant with a girl. According to this theory, if you conceive on or close to your ovulation day you will be more likely to have a boy. I’m not entirely sure I buy into this theory but there does seem to be evidence to support it. Sperm that contain the Y chromosome (sperm that produce boys) are smaller than sperm that contains the X chromosome (sperm that produce girls). This also means Y chromosome sperm move faster than X chromosome sperm. Following that logic, having sex closer to the ovulation date would make it easier for the smaller, faster sperm to reach the egg. Again, I’m not convinced I believe that to be true yet but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Diet may impact your chances of conceiving a girl baby

Calcium and magnesium are said to play a huge role in whether you conceive a girl or a boy. Some women have had success conceiving baby girls by taking calcium and magnesium supplements but before you run out to the store, make absolute sure you consult with your doctor beforehand. You absolutely do not want to take anything that may not be safe for your baby. Your doctor will be able to tell you exactly what you can and cannot take. If supplements are off limits, try eating cranberries, drinking milk or consuming other foods and beverages high in calcium and magnesium.

Cervical mucus is helpful but not if you’re trying to conceive a girl.

Cervical mucus is a great way to predict when you’re going to ovulate. but it is also a great way to reduce your chances of conceiving a baby girl. It isn’t impossible to conceive a baby girl if you have cervical mucus but there is some evidence to support the idea that it is a little less likely. If you have your heart set on a girl, you want to do everything you can to increase your chances of conceiving one. Try taking an antihistamine before you have sex. Sudafed is said to work wonders. This will help dry up cervical mucus allowing for increased chances of conceiving a girl.

Some people recommend douching to get rid of cervical mucus and increase your chances of getting pregnant with a girl. I do not support that theory at all. Here’s why. Douching can be extremely bad for your vagina. Your vagina is a fragile place with a fragile balance of things taking place. Douching gets rid of the bad bacteria but it also gets rid of the good bacteria which can throw off the balance of your vagina and leave you with a yeast infection. That is not a good thing. A little cervical mucus also helps you get pregnant. An antihistamine will reduce the amount of mucus without eliminating it entirely. In addition, it also isn’t so harsh on your fragile vagina.

Don’t waste your money on junk products.

There are a whole lot of people out there willing to try to capitalize on your desire to have a baby girl. While there are many excellent books on the market, don’t waste your money buying kits or supplements. A large portion of them just don’t work. If you’d like to invest in a book, check reviews on that book. The internet is a valuable resource that will help you separate the trash from the treasure. The point here is that you absolutely have to be smart when it comes to this sort of thing. There are people out there who will take advantage of it. Be careful not to let them.

Have sex during the new moon phase of the moon.

This one might seem a little out there and there is precious little science to back it up but several of my friends swear it did the trick for them. They all have baby girls so maybe there is something to it. According to in-gender.com, negative ions in an environment create a favorable circumstance for conceiving a girl while positive ions favor boys. There are more positive ions than negative ions during the full moon. The opposite is true during the new moon phase where the number of negative ions are higher. If you’re charting your ovulation, look for a time when your most fertile period occurs during the new moon and try to have sex during this time. Will it guarantee a girl? No, but it won’t hurt your chances either.

Be okay with having a boy.

If you stress yourself out trying to conceive a baby girl, you may not only prevent yourself from having a baby girl but may prevent yourself from having a baby at all. Stress is extremely bad for the body, especially when a woman is trying to conceive. Nothing on this list guarantees you a baby girl. You could do everything on this list and still wind up with a son and really, what’s wrong with that? While you may want a little girl you will still love a baby boy just as much. If you don’t think you’ll love a son as much as you’d love a daughter, it might be time to reconsider whether or not you actually want to have a baby.

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June 16, 2013

How to Conceive A Girls Top Tips

how to conceive a girls tips easy
This article is a supplement to the gender determination article "How to Conceive a Baby Girl: 5 Tips to Help You Get Pregnant With a Girl". If you are looking for more tips on how to get pregnant with a girl, here are some additional suggestions that might help. While it is not 100% accurate in helping you conceive a girl, it does sway the odds a little.

How To conceive A girls Tips 1

Take Lydia Pinkham Supplements In the 1880's, Lydia Pinkham became a household name after she created nutritional supplements to help with menstrual discomfort. In 2003 it was noticed on an internet message board that several women who took Lydia Pinkham supplements conceived a girl. After some more research, it was notice that the Lydia Pinkham supplements are very acidic. This can then create an acidic environment, making it more likely for only the girl sperm to survive and fertilize the egg.

How to conceive Tips 2

Read the Book "How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby" This book is written by Dr. Landrum Shettles. He noticed that when timing ovulation and 3 days or more before intercourse, women were more likely to get pregnant with a girl. He also noticed that the pH of cerivcal mucus can affect the sex of the baby. There is some debate as to whether his method is effective for a girl, check it here to read more the Book .However, if you are serious about trying to conceive a girl, this is a book that might help.

How to conceive a girls tips 3

Douche To Help Lower Your Cervical Mucus pH There is some evidence that a more acidic environment increases your chances of conceiving a girl. One way to create a more acidic environment and lower your pH is to douche with a product such as lime. It is important to test your pH as well, to ensure that it is working. Please note, that douching can lead to yeast infections as it disrupts the natural environment. You might consult with your doctor regarding this.

How to conceive a girl tips 4

Have Intercourse During a New Moon When there is a new moon, there are more negative ions in the environment. When there is a full moon, there are lots of positive negative ions in the environment. Many believe that negative ions increase the chance of a girl, and positive ions sway the odds in favor of a boy.

How to conceive a girl tips 5

Forget the Old Wives Tales / Chinese Chart There's a Chinese Gender Prediction chart that you can easily find on the internet. It's about 50% effective and is just for entertainment purposes only. I saw a poll on one message board and it had about a 52% accuracy rate. Also forget the old wives tales that you'll have a boy if your son's first word is "Da Da" etc. Don't take any of those seriously.

June 13, 2013

How To Conceive Baby Twins

how to conceive baby twins a boy or a girl
Are you itching to get pregnant with twins? Find out how to get pregnant with twins with these simple rules.

Many young couples all over the world, want to inevitably start a family after they’ve been married. And some may be wishing for twins. Perhaps you have put off marriage until a little later in life. Perhaps you’ve been married awhile and been busy travelling and working hard at your careers, putting your baby-making plans on hold. And so it might be nice to have ‘two for the price of one.’ Or perhaps you are a young couple dreaming of everything in pairs or just wishing for the novelty of a matching set of babies.

Fraternal more common than identical

The majority of twins conceived are fraternal, that is the result of two separate eggs being ovulated and released at the same time. The conception of identical twins is very rare, but it happens when one egg splits. That usually happens early on in pregnancies, and either set of twins makes the new parents undeniably happy. Two for the price of one, so to speak.

What is % chance of twins?

About every 1 in 89 childbirths will result in twins, those chances aren’t that bad. But they can definitely be increased, if the couple is sure they absolutely want twins. Then there are fertility medications or you can even undergo in-vitro fertilization. Most of the times, these treatments definitely usually result in the conception of twin babies. But if you don’t necessarily want to take drugs or go that route, then there are natural things that the couple can do as well.

Take folic acid

When you are thinking about becoming pregnant and are definitely sure that you want twins, then you should begin taking a folic acid supplement. It has been recorded by one Australian study if you take folic acid while trying to conceive, you are 40% more likely to have twins. This particular method has worked for many women who want to conceive twins. And while trying to become pregnant you should always take a supplement or vitamin.

Be slightly overweight or taller

If you want to have twins, then you should eat more than usual and try to gain weight. It has also been proven that women who are slightly overweight have a greater chance of bearing twins. That study was in an 2005 edition of a very popular pregnancy magazine. Women who are taller also have a greater chance of being able to conceive twins. Though you aren’t able to change or increase your height, you can definitely change and increase your weight.

Eat more dairy

You should also try eating more dairy products, such as cheeses and yogurts. A study has shown that women who consume these products on a regular basis are usually five times more likely to have twins at birth. Drinking milk that is treated with the rBST growth hormone treated cows is what usually helps women have twins. So diet is very important when trying to pregnant.

Try IVF or fertility drugs

If you want to try IVF treatments or fertility drugs then you definitely can. You and your OBGYN can work out the best possible option for you. Or you could try the natural route and take more supplements and eat more dairy products.

Whether you get pregnant with one or two, pregnancy and birth is a blessing. So enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Source : Conceiveeasy.com

June 11, 2013

Sex positions for conceiving a girl

sex positions to conceive a girl best ways
You've been dreaming of having a little girl ever since you were one yourself, but now that the time has finally arrived to start trying for a baby, you're wondering how the heck you increase your chances of conceiving a female.

Think pink

While there are no foolproof methods unfortunately, there are a few sex positions (and dietary and timing tips) that could help boost your probability of birthing a baby girl.

Try girl on top

Hoping for a girl? Then you might want to hop on top during sex! Although no single position can guarantee your baby's gender 100 percent, Dr. Ava Cadell, spokesperson for The Experience Channel and renowned love and sex therapist, says that to have a girl, the woman should be on top so that she can control the depth of penetration. Instead of "going deep”, your partner should ejaculate as close to the opening of your vagina as possible. This will make it much more difficult for the male sperm to reach your egg, since they have a shorter lifespan than female sperm do.

Do it missionary style

Turns out, good old-fashioned sex could be your golden ticket to getting pregnant with a girl. "Some believe that the best position to conceive a girl is the missionary position,” notes Stacy Rybchin, founder of My Secret Luxury. "Sperm with the X-chromosome (female sperm) travel slower and can survive up to five days.” Because penetration isn't typically as deep in this position, the sperm have a longer way to go, giving the females a clear advantage.

Experiment with spooning

Another common sex position believed to help couples conceive a female is spooning. And what girl doesn't love to spoon, right!? This position, like the others mentioned above, allows for shallow penetration only, therefore upping the chances of a female sperm actually reaching and fertilizing the egg first.

Time it just right

According to experienced nurse and midwife Carmen Kosicek, RN, MSN, couples trying for a girl should have intercourse more frequently, stopping two to three days prior to ovulation. "The female sperm live longer, up to 72 hours,” she explains, "so the theory behind this would be that the sperm left around when the egg is present would be the female sperm.”

Don't orgasm during sex

We realize this tip sounds sort of awful, but if your heart's set on having a baby girl, then it's important to resist the urge to orgasm! After an orgasm, your body produces chemicals that cause the vaginal environment to become more alkaline. Apparently, male sperm thrive in this type of environment, while female sperm prefer the more acidic one pre-orgasm.

Tailor your diet

Dr. Cadell points to a study done by researchers at the University of Exeter in England, which surveyed 740 first-time mothers, as well as a study by Maastricht University in the Netherlands, to prove her point: "Both studies confirmed that to boost the odds of conceiving a girl, women should say yes to calcium and magnesium rich foods, such as yogurt, tofu, milk, oatmeal, almonds, spinach, broccoli, beans, cashews and oranges.”

Conversely, they should steer clear of foods high in salt and potassium, like potatoes, bacon, bread, shrimp and smoked salmon. The reason for this? In short, the diet is thought to enhance the acidity of a woman's body, and thus her uterine environment, making it easier for those female sperm to thrive and survive, of course.

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June 8, 2013

Ovulation Calender To Have A Girl

ovulation calender to conceive a girl
Some methods to give birth to a girl are believed to be more effective than others. And the opinions differ - some prefer certain methods, while others something else. It is essential, according to some people, that no spermatozoa reaches the vagina after conception. Of course there are plenty of people, who believe there is no evidence to back this up. Not letting any spermatozoa enter the womb is crucial, because it has more Y chromosome sperms. So therefore it is best to refrain from intercourse for a while to avoid that. Since this method is not extremely well-known, it is also hard to find real-life stories (best foods for conceiving a daughter). Since there is no conclusive and clear evidence is terms of clinical studies and research. It can be very hard to say what techniques should be avoided and what recommended. How this actually affects the conception process is hard to say, but this theory might be true.

Become an expert of your ovulations to have a girl

The X chromosome sperm is stronger, more durable, but also slower than Y sperm. The theory that you could conceive a girl baby, by knowing the exact time you ovulate is not new. As you know, most of the current detection method detect ovulation to the day of ovulation. It is not enough to predict ovulations by the day's accuracy, it has to be more accurate. It is a good idea to try a few practice cycles to help you get more experience. Everyone should quickly and accurately make these predictions to plan the time of conception. The purpose of this prediction, is to make sure the conception happens at the right time. It certainly isn't a fool-proof method, but it is going to increase the likelihood of getting a daughter (how to make a baby girl). For this method to work, you really need to be accurate and be confident in yourself.

To conceive a daughter you must eat certain vegetables and fruits

It is known that citrus fruits and green vegetables can help to give birth to a girl baby. All kinds of fruits that are high in Vitamin C can increase the chances of conceiving a daughter. Oranges, pomegranate, strawberries and grapes are all excellent sources of vitamin C. When you eat foods full of Vitamin C, then the acidic content in the body increases. And the higher the level of acid is, the better it is, if a woman desires to conceive a girl baby. Having a strong immune system is also crucial for conceiving a baby girl as well of course. And vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and broccoli also provide additional protection. Being healthy is vital and if a woman is healthy then numerous diseases can be avoided. So vitamin C containing vegetables and fruits, need to be part of your diet to conceive a girl.

To increases the chances of getting a girl, the chemical balance has to be right. The chemical balance has to be just right to conceive a baby girl and certain foods can help. Gynaecologists say that a diet high in calcium and magnesium increase female fertility. Various dairy products such as milk and butter as well as eggs are rich in calcium (conceive a girl ovulation calendar). If you want to get more magnesium, you should be taking legumes and all kinds of nuts. To successfully conceive a female child, you must have a clear understanding of the proper diet. A diet alone might not make the difference by itself, but it will increase the chances for sure. If you have the desire, you can learn more about the proper diet to conceive a daughter. You can find out here

June 6, 2013

How To Conceive A Girl Diet For Men

Diet To Conceive A Girl baby
Hope you all are pink in health. I know I have been doing too many DIYs and home remedies and articles based on women health and issues, but I think that these are very important for women and women always tend to ignore these bits. I keep reading so many books, journals and articles on various things (I am so vehli these days, exams are over and waiting for the next semester to begin) , so today I thought of sharing with all you beautiful ladies a very interesting and important article, which I read in a book, and further researched about it over the internet.

One of my cousins is pregnant so I stumbled on her reading material when I visited her day before. m0447 Pregnancy: Diet to Conceive a Baby Girl I don’t know how many of you are aware of these diets. I mean when I read for the first time, I literally freaked out. I never thought getting pregnant and having babies had soooo many layers to it. mean Pregnancy: Diet to Conceive a Baby Girl.

Studies have already revealed that a women’s diet determines the gender of the baby. Yes, the diet of a woman is correlated to the gender of the baby. A study revealed that a woman who has breakfast and consumes around 2200 calories per day is bound to have a baby boy while those women who skipped breakfast and consumed relatively less number of calories delivered baby girls.

Diet to conceive a girl
It’s a proven fact that a Y or male sperm cannot survive in a highly acidic vaginal tract but an X or female sperm happily thrives there. Hence the acidic and PH level must be high for conceiving a baby girl.The diet you have basically determines the vaginal pH and acidity levels, which correlates the gender of your baby. It’s a fact that a male sperm is relatively weaker than the female one, and this is also one of the reasons why you must conceive in an appropriate way before ovulation. An increased vaginal pH level ensures conceiving a baby girl. So simply skipping breakfast isn’t going to help to conceive a baby girl.

To conceive a baby girl you need to have acidic food and avoid the alkaline food. mean Pregnancy: Diet to Conceive a Baby Girl Calcium is one of the most important things to be consumed if you are planning to conceive a baby girl. Milk, cream, yogurt and cheese are the most calcium rich food products. You can have tons of ice cream too.

Magnesium rich foodstuffs also help in conceiving a baby girl. Beans, green leafy vegetables and legumes are rich sources of magnesium.

Potassium rich food stuffs must be avoided by a woman who is trying to conceive a baby girl. mean Pregnancy: Diet to Conceive a Baby Girl Bananas are the richest source of potassium.

Acidic food stuffs are very important for conceiving a baby girl. And it is a must for a woman who is trying to conceive a baby girl to have a pH rich diet. Fruits like prunes, cranberries and plums are great sources of acid, whereas meats, whole grains, corn and fish is also foods which are to be consumed for increasing the vaginal acidic level. An acidic diet may be tough to follow, but at the cost of a beautiful daughter I guess it will simplify for a mommy to be.

Alcohol and caffeine is a complete pass for preggy women who are trying to conceive a baby girl. Chocolates are fine, but an overdose is restricted. m0447 Pregnancy: Diet to Conceive a Baby Girl Decaffeinated coffee is your sip pf coffee now, and cola tins are something you shouldn’t even look at. mean Pregnancy: Diet to Conceive a Baby Girl.
diet to conceive a girl

Salt intake must be monitored if you really really want to conceive a beautiful daughter. mean Pregnancy: Diet to Conceive a Baby Girl

Alkaline food stuffs are to be avoided too. Intake of folic acid supplements is great. You must avoid potatoes, spinach and watermelon completely, and even orange juice.

Nuts like almonds which have low PH must be avoided (I heard my aunt telling my cousin to eat nuts the other day. m0447 Pregnancy: Diet to Conceive a Baby Girl )

I hope this article helps all you beautiful ladies and mommies to be…

June 3, 2013

Tips To Have A Boy

how To Have A boy tips
If you are looking for ways of improving your chances of conceiving a boy then you will be happy to discover that there are a few simple steps that you can take. Just using will help to improve the odds greatly in your favour and have baby boy you want.

As many couples today tend to only have one or two children the chances of them having a boy and a girl are greatly reduced. So using the tips we provide below will surely help to sway the odds more in favour of them having the child that they would really want.

When conception takes place it isn’t the man or woman who determine the baby’s gender in the ovum but the sperm which fertilizes the egg. For the chances of this couple having a baby boy they need to ensure that a greater number of the sperm carrying the male chromosome reaches the eggs released. So the first thing couples need to understand is the characteristics of the way sperm acts once in the vagina.

The male sperm swims a lot faster than the female does and is also much smaller and lithe. But due to this they only live for a short period of time. So for a couple to ensure that more of this sperm reaches the released eggs they need to make love close to the time when ovulation takes place.

Ideally the couple should be making love no more than a day before or after ovulation takes place. If they make love a few days before ovulation occurring this will ensure that a greater number of the male sperm die off before reaching the ovum. This in turn means that more of the sperm carrying the female gene is able to reach the ovum and fertilize it.

Along with knowing when is the most appropriate time to make love to ensure that the chances of conceiving a boy are increased. All couples need to understand how the environment with the woman’s vagina can affect whether they have a baby boy or girl. If it is too acidic then a large number of the male sperm released during love making will be killed off. So eating a diet that prevents this from occurring is important.

But along with making changes to her diet to reduce the levels of acid in her vagina a couple use to make love where the man’s penis penetrates more deeply into the vagina. This is because the area close to the entrance of the vagina is naturally acid where it is more alkaline closer to the area of the cervix. By ensuring that male sperm is placed nearer to the woman’s cervix will help to ensure that a greater number survive and reach the ovum after its release.

June 2, 2013

Best Ways To Have A Boy

Do you want to conceive a boy? You can try! Find out how to do it accurately – from natural to traditional methods.

Many individuals insist that the sole thing that matters is actually giving birth to a healthy baby, but one latest survey of prospective mums and dads identified that approximately 80% admitted to a preference for one certain gender.

Some parents who have tried these methods say that it is possible to influence the gender of your child by just having a clear understanding of the Shettles method.

The Shettles Method

This method claims a 75% to 90% success rate by learning the characteristics of sex chromosomes carried by a man’s sperm.

How To Conceive A Boy Using The Shettles Method ?

1. Check Your Ovulation Period.
2. Modify Your Diet.
3. Sexual Positions To Try.
4. What Men Can Do To Help.

The Folklores

Even though medical experts disagree about these traditional beliefs, it can’t hurt to try a few, right? Just make sure that the method you will try is harmless.

1. Chinese Gender Calendar Chart
2. Other Traditional Beliefs

Here’s the video overview of the Shettles Method

What Is Shettles Method

According to Dr. Landrum Shettles, MD, author of How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby, each sperm carries one sex chromosome (X) and (Y). A sperm that carries an X-chromosome will make a daughter, and the sperm that carries a Y chromosome will make a son. The Shettles method used each of their characteristics to increase your chances of conceiving a boy.

The Y-sperm (boy) are fast moving more likely to ‘beat’ the X-sperm (girl) to fertilise the egg first, but they are quite weak, and might not survive long (lasts 1 to 2 days only in the vaginal canal). The Y- sperm (boy) also prefers an alkaline environment.

The X-sperm (girl) are slow-moving but very tough and lasting. They can stay up to 4 days waiting for the egg without weakening or dying out. Acidic environment is favourable for X sperm because Y sperm can’t tolerate that PH level

The boy Y-sperm would win a race against girl sperm towards the egg, BUT, girl X-sperm would win against boy sperm in a survivor competition.

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June 1, 2013

How To Have A Girl With Diet Tips

how to have a girl diet
If you're hoping to get pregnant with a baby girl, you may have to work a little harder to achieve your goal. More boys than girls are born each year in the United States, although the difference is slight: around 1.04: 1 in favor to boys. A number of different methods for choosing your child's sex have been put forth over the years, but the only way to definitely have a girl is to undergo in vitro fertilization the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis testing. Proponents claim dietary changes can influence your chances, but there's no scientific proof of this.

Theory Diet To Have A Girl

The dietary theory for having a girl centers on the idea that an acidic environment favors girls. Cervical mucus, which is normally thick and acidic, changes around the time of ovulation, becoming thinner and more alkaline. Because an acid environment tends to kill off sperm, alkaline cervical mucus helps sperm traverse the vagina and cervix to enter the uterus. Because girl sperm live longer than boys, they're deemed hardier and more likely to survive an acidic environment.

Proof To Have a girl

There's no scientific proof that the acidic theory holds up in practice. Because 50 percent of people trying to get pregnant have the child of the sex they want all on their own, success rates have to be greater than 50 percent to have any significance at all.

Diet To Have A Girl

Following an acidic diet to change the pH balance of your body doesn't mean eating all acidic foods. Many acidic foods, such as most citrus fruits, actually have an alkaline effect when you eat them. According to the In-gender website, an acidic diet for conceiving a girl should include plenty of calcium in the form of dairy products as well as strawberries and raspberries, all in unlimited quantities. Cheeses, pasta, fish, green beans and cucumbers make up the next tier and you can eat them almost without limit, while you should consume some foods including cranberries, lamb, chicken, rice and corn cereal only once a day. This diet allows no alcohol.

Proven Methods To Have A Girl

If you really want a girl for sound medical reasons, such as carrying a lethal gene that affects only males, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis will achieve your goal. You must undergo IVF and fertilization of your eggs in the laboratory. Once an embryo forms, a cell is removed and tested for chromosomal abnormalities as well as sex. This method is expensive and most centers won't do it just because you want a girl. A less invasive, but also less reliable, method involves sperm separation in the laboratory followed by intrauterine insemination. Called Microsort, this method increases your chance of having a girl to 85 percent.

Tips and Solutions To Have A Girl

1. Shettles method is a method that is able to be try and experts claimed this method to own a very great degree of accuracy. 94% for the right baby gender conceive a girl. if you really want pregnant a girl. this method provides an alternative way for you. but I suggest if you are applying this method should be based on an expert guide.

2. Buy best guide. you can try to come to some clinics uterus and asks how these worked full Shettles method to conceive a baby girl. but this very expensive or you come to google type in "guide using the Shettles method" but you spend the energy to actually be able to find an expert who truly mastered this method correctly.

But there is a science practitioners who share your uterus is the correct method to us and this is good news. they want to share with us more simple and has a 94% success rate to conceive a girl. I recommend you try this method proved to be accurate. Check the Best Guide

Ovulation Calculator To Have A Girl Or A Boy

Ovulation Calculator
Our free ovulation calculator does all the figuring for you. It can calculate your ovulation, tell you when you're the most fertile, increase your chances of having a boy or a girl, and help you plan your next pregnancy. There are many benefits of using an ovulation calculator, like knowing when you are ovulating and knowing when you are the most fertile. You can better plan a pregnancy by having intercourse when you are ovulating. You will know when your fertility is highest.

You can increase your chances of having a boy or a girl by having intercourse on certain days. If you have intercourse three days before you begin ovulating, your chances are better of having a girl. This is because the sperm carrying female X-chromosomes live longer and swim slower than male Y-chromosome carrying sperm.

You can prevent an unwanted pregnancy by making sure you don't have unprotected intercourse while you are ovulating.

ovulation gender predictor

To use the ovulation calculator on the next page, first click on select.

Once you do that, the ovulation calendar will come up displaying the current month.

If your period was in the prior month, simply navigate through the ovulation calender using the arrow keys.

Once you find your selected day, click on it, and the calendar will close.

You also have the option to adjust your cycle. You can adjust it to anywhere from 21-37 days. Once you have your cycle length adjusted accordingly, click on calculate. The next screen will tell you when you will be ovulating next, and when you're the most fertile.

Remember, having intercourse when you are ovulating, and also on your peak fertile day increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Also, please note that these results can be affected by your cycle regularity, as well as many other factors. Use this ovulation calculator as a basic guideline.

For a simplified version, with just the basic details (without boy or girl calculations), use the calculator below :

Basic Ovulation Calculator and Calendar

There are also physical signs you can look for. One is a change in cervical mucus. A few days before ovulation, cervical mucus will often become more plentiful and clearer. It commonly will have an appearance similar to egg whites.

You also may experience some discomfort or cramping on one side of your lower abdomen. Some women observe slight spotting when they ovulate, while others feel nauseous or have a slight upset stomach upset.

Each woman's body is different, charting your fertility is a great way to get to know your cycle and your body.

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