May 14, 2013

Shettles Method Succes Rate To Have A Boy Or A girl

How to Have A Boy With shettles methods
How To Have A Girl With Shettles Methods
The Shettles method for girls aims to time sexual intercourse for the 2 to 4 days before ovulation. This is based on the theory that 'girl' sperm are 'slower' swimmers and not likely to 'beat' the boy sperm to fertilise the egg first, but that 'girl' sperm are more resilient and have more 'staying power'. If sex is timed well before ovulation, the 'boy' sperm are thought to be more likely to die off, leaving the girl sperm to 'lay in waiting' for the egg to be released. The Shettles method for girls also takes into account that 'girl' sperm may prefer the more natural acidic environment of the woman's vagina. The method claims a 75% success rate. However, the few, small studies done so far have been unable to support these claims.

It is possible for sperm to survive for up to 6 days before ovulation and still fertilise an egg to conceive a pregnancy. However, the closer to ovulation sex occurs, the more likely a pregnancy of a baby of any sex (let alone a baby girl) will occur. For some women, sex 4 days away from ovulation may be too far away to achieve a pregnancy at all. Therefore, couples using the girl method may need to consider that it may take longer to become pregnant. It is for this reason that the Shettles method for girls recommends stopping intercourse by days 4 or 3 before ovulation but if after a few months a pregnancy does not result, then slowly bringing this timing closer to ovulation, but still avoiding having sex on the actual day of ovulation (to theoretically reduce the chances of having a boy).

To understand the following outline you may need to review the information about charting the woman's menstrual cycle and the physical signs relating to ovulation in Class A. As a broad overview, the Shettles method for having girls recommends :

1.Having intercourse daily without condoms from the time bleeding stops after the woman's menstrual period, up until day 4 or 3 before the suspected time of ovulation. Daily intercourse is thought to diminish the man's sperm count to favour 'girl' sperm. If after a few months conception does not occur, the timing may be brought forward to 2 ½ to 2 days before ovulation.

2.Abstain from sex completely during ovulation and for a few days after ovulation. This means the woman should not be aroused, releasing alkaline secretions that may encourage 'boy' sperm.

3.Allowing sexual intercourse from a few days after ovulation, up until the next menstrual period, but using condoms to be on the safe side.

Other additional words of advice include :

A.The woman should avoid having an orgasm during sex, as this can increase alkaline vaginal secretions, favouring 'boy' sperm.

B.Avoiding deep vaginal penetration so that the sperm will pass through the woman's more acidic vaginal canal, aimed at favouring 'girl' sperm. This may be achieved by the couple using the face to face missionary position with shallow penetration at the time of ejaculation.

NOTE : Men should not try to expose themselves to substances that may reduce their fertility in the hope it will favour 'girl' sperm. Smoking, heat around the testes, some medications and other 'fertility toxins' can reduce a man's overall fertility, possibly to the point that he is unable to fertilise an egg at all (let alone a baby girl).

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