March 31, 2013

Tips To Conceive A Girl Baby

7 Guaranteed Ways

how to have a girl baby Most of the tips to conceive a girl you can find online refer to foods one should eat or to positions a couple should adopt when having baby-making sex, in order to favor the traveling of female sperm towards the ovule or to create a more hostile environment for the male sperm.

So if you’re constantly saying “I want to have a baby girl” and all the tips and solutions you tried until now failed in providing the expected results, take a look at the suggestions below!

Tips To Conceive A Girl: Eat More Almonds

Almonds make great snacks for women trying to conceive as they are very rich in vitamins and minerals that support the healthy development of the baby and the fertilization of the egg in the first place.

Contrary to the general opinion, almonds don’t provide only good fats but also important quantities of calcium, 100 grams of almonds containing 251 mg of this mineral. Moreover, the same quantity of almonds provides 255 mg of magnesium, another crucial nutrient for conceiving a female baby.

Iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc and manganese, cooper and selenium are also found in these foods but in smaller amounts, which is a good thing for women trying to have a baby girl as the most important nutrients for favoring the female sperm are, as previously said, magnesium and calcium.

How To Conceive A Baby Girl With Vitamin D

Vitamin D isn’t directly linked with the conception of female babies but this nutrient does affect the fertilization process as it enhances the absorption of calcium inside the digestive tract. This means that even if your diet isn’t the richest in this nutrient, you can get higher amounts of calcium from the foods you eat by simply adding some more vitamin D in your weekly menu.

Obviously, this will have consequences on your fertility as calcium is the mineral that’s the most important – along with magnesium – for giving birth to baby girls instead of baby boys. So if you’re not willing to rely on medical treatments for selecting your baby’s gender, take some vitamin D supplements or eat more foods rich in this vitamin.

How To Make A Baby Girl Using Red Clover

What makes red clover effective in preparing the body for a pregnancy and more than this, effective in favoring the survival of female sperm over male sperm is the high content of calcium, iron, folate and vitamin A. 100 grams of red clover contain no less than 32 mg of calcium, this mineral being crucial for the conception of a female baby.

Both you and your partner can benefit from this product as in your case red clover will make the pH of your reproductive tract more acidic and thus friendlier to female sperm, while in your partner it will lower the male sperm count, decreasing the odds for male sperm to reach inside the vagina and fertilize the egg.

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl With Dandelions

Dandelions are a good herbal solution for women looking for tips to conceive a girl as they provide important nutrients for the future mother: vitamin B and A, zinc, cooper and large amounts of magnesium that regulate blood pressure and make the body friendlier to female sperm.

Moreover, dandelions provide good amounts of fibers that prevent excess weight and reduce levels of bad cholesterol, and high concentrations of calcium, which not only builds stronger bones but also enhances the chances of getting pregnant with a baby girl.

Dandelions can be incorporated in your diet plan in different forms, but if you don’t really like the idea of eating cooked dandelion greens, you can always prepare dandelion tea for you and your partner and drink 2-3 cups daily.

How To Have A Baby Girl Naturally Using Nettle Tea

Nettles and nettle leaf tea as well contain very high amounts of vitamin K, A, C and D, necessary for a woman trying to get pregnant with a female or male baby. With a mild, pleasant taste, nettle tea can be consumed daily for boosting a woman’s fertility and preparing it for having a baby.

But besides enhancing the odds of conceiving, this tea can actually help one select their baby’s gender as it contains very high amounts of calcium, along with iron, potassium and sulphur. Both the male and the female can benefit from drinking this tea so it should be incorporated in your menu if you’re planning to have a baby girl.

Complete Your Family With a Beautiful Girl Baby

Best Way To Have A Girl Baby - Soak Up In The Sun

How can soaking up in the sun help you have a female baby or how is this linked with conception in the first place? As known, exposing your skin to sun stimulates the production of certain nutrients inside skin cells, one of these being vitamin D.

We previously said that vitamin D plays a very important role in the absorption of calcium in your organism so if you’re a female trying to have a baby girl and consuming good amounts of calcium, but failing in conceiving, you might need to just get outside a little more often and enjoy the benefits sunlight can provide!

Best Way To Conceive A Girl - Use Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is by far one of the best plants women can use for increasing their chances of having a female baby as this natural solution works by altering the hormonal balance inside the woman’s organism and by lowering testosterone levels.

Moreover, it has the same effects on men and besides altering levels of testosterone it also raises progesterone levels, boosting fertility and increasing the odds for conception to actually take place.

All these effects are crucial for giving birth to a baby girl so if you really want to have a female baby and want to use only natural tips to conceive a girl, saw palmetto is an excellent choice as it will make your body friendlier to female sperm and will reduce the amount of male sperm in your partner.

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