March 31, 2013

Diet To Conceive A Girl

5 Easy Tips Diet To Conceive A Girl

how to conceive a girl Following a diet to conceive a girl is probably the simplest solution for women wanting to have a baby girl without relying on medical solutions.

As strange and unrealistic as it may sound, adopting a certain meal plan to conceive a girl can be even more successful than ovulation tracking procedures as this method works by influencing the pH inside the vagina and womb, making it easier for sperm carrying female chromosomes to survive and travel through the fallopian tubes in order to meet the ovule.

Still, not all foods are recommended when trying to find out how to make a baby girl. Diet rules for increasing the chances of having a female baby say most of the eaten foods should be acid instead of alkaline, because an acid environment is more favorable for this purpose. So here’s a brief list of what to eat to conceive a girl.!

Include citrus fruits in your diet to conceive a girl

A diet to conceive a baby girl should include lots of citrus fruits, as these are the most effective when it comes to increasing vaginal acidity and decreasing the lifespan of male-sperm inside the fallopian tubes or uterus.

Sperm cells carrying male chromosomes are less resistant and smaller than those carrying female chromosomes therefore in a harsh and acidic environment, second ones have higher chances to survive and fertilize the egg. However, when the pH is too acid, the risk for all sperm cells to be destroyed is quite pronounced.

Getting back to their benefits: citrus fruits are very rich in vitamins so they also contribute to increased energy levels during pregnancy and to an elevated mood in moms-to-be. Maintaining these products in your diet is therefore recommended not only while trying to have a baby but also after getting pregnant.

Still, note that eating too many citrus fruits and eliminating other vitamin sources from your menu can also be harmful as acidity inside the digestive tract can get much higher than normal, favoring the onset of stomach pain and discomfort, ulcers, nausea and vomiting. Also, vitamin deficiencies can occur and this is surely not desirable for a future mom, whose body needs all vitamins to ensure a protective and healthy environment for the baby.

Adopt a vegetable-based meal plan to conceive a girl

Eating 150 grams of fresh vegetables daily is useful in conceiving a baby girl, according to scientists. Besides being rich in magnesium and containing very low amounts of sodium, these products are also low in calories, this being another factor which seems to contribute to having a girl. Women eating around 1500 calories a day are more likely to give birth to girls, as statistical data suggests.

What to eat to conceive a girl? Carrots, preferably boiled or steamed, fresh onion added in green salad and mixed with tomatoes, turnips and cucumbers, green and red peppers, radishes, eggplants, green beans and peas. Also, asparagus, cress and celery are good alternatives when it comes to finding a good diet to conceive a girl.

However, for reducing the risks associated with a low-calorie diet in pregnant women, you should not rely on a very strict meal plan consisting only of veggies and fruits, as fibers, proteins and fats are also extremely important for a healthy baby.

Diet to conceive a baby girl – spinach is a must!

A meal plan to conceive a girl should always include spinach as this vegetable is one of the best sources of magnesium a woman can have when trying to have a baby. According to scientists, foods high in this mineral favor egg’s fertilization by female-producing sperm, just like products low in potassium. Fortunately, spinach meets both these criteria so it’s surely a winning choice for having a female baby.

Still, spinach alone won’t do the entire job so in order to enhance the changes and this mineral’s effect on the vaginal environment, vitamins A and C as well as high amounts of folic acid and iron should also be added to your daily diet.

By taking these nutrients on a regular basis, you also prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy as all the mentioned compounds are required for the baby’s normal development and growth inside the womb. Still, it’s better to take these minerals from natural sources such as fresh spinach and other green vegetables instead of dietary supplements, when possible, as you need a certain number of calories as well in order to ensure a healthy environment for the future baby.

Dairy products as a healthy solution for making a baby girl

How to conceive a girl? Diet plans based on dairy products are considered among the best when it comes to finding a natural solution for having a female baby. The explanation is quite simple: products containing important amounts of milk or derivatives are rich in calcium, mineral known to favor the fertilization of eggs by female-producing sperm.

Cheese is a great choice for women trying to conceive not only during this period but also when pregnant, as the fetus needs lots of calcium for growing and developing normally. His or her bones and teeth contain and need this mineral for getting stronger during the intrauterine life, so cheese and foods rich in calcium shouldn’t miss from the diet of a mom-to-be.

Yogurts are another great addition to a meal plan to conceive a girl as a single cup of 200 grams plain yogurt delivers up to 400 mg of calcium. By adding some frozen fruits like berries, strawberries or kiwi in a cup of yogurt you can obtain a fresh, tasty and healthy desert while increasing the chances of having a girl!

Still, avoid opting for high-fat yogurts as these favor the accumulation of fats due to their high content of sugar and excess pounds are surely not a desirable thing before getting pregnant.

Complete Your Family With a Beautiful Girl Baby

What to eat to conceive a girl? Chocolate!

For those interested in how to conceive a girl, diet plans based on sweets and sugary products could be a solution as long as the sugar intake is not excessive. Higher amounts of sugar into the bloodstream increase acidity inside the digestive tract and vagina, acting just like citrus fruits and compromising sperm cells carrying male chromosomes.

Still, given the unwanted effects a rich in sugar diet can have on a future mom’s silhouette, opting for dark chocolate is perhaps the best solution for preventing obesity and hyperglycemia in the long run. As known, women are likely to develop diabetes during the gestational period due to both excess weight accumulation and a rich in sugar diet, so controlling the intake of sweets is still required when trying to have a girl.

Home-made chocolate cakes, cookies and pastries containing this sweet ingredient can be consumed few days in a row after menstruation, for creating a proper environment for sperm cells carrying female chromosomes but the meal plan should be balanced in order to prevent blood glucose levels from remaining high for longer periods.

So remember, if you’re looking for a meal plan to conceive a girl or you’re not sure what foods to include in your diet to conceive a girl, the most recommended products are those with high magnesium and calcium content and those able to increase vaginal and digestive tract acidity.
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