August 30, 2013

Other Ways To Have A Baby Girl

how to have a baby girl
How to have a baby girl to be one question that is not in its application it has little definitive answer, a lot of methods out there claiming to provide a proper baby girl and naturally, but just nonsense. some are successful and really work it has little of a baby girl naturally without any medical help to have a baby girl.

If you’re planning on adding to your loved ones, and you seriously want a girl, or even in the event that you’re planning the first child, and you would like a daughter, then you’re most likely wondering if you will find any ways to guarantee you will get pregnant with a girl. If that will be the case, then read on, because in this short article, we look at methods for you to make sure you get pregnant with a girl.

Medical Intervention

By far the technique with the highest possibility of guaranteeing that you will get pregnant with a girl is to select medical intervention.

There are various kinds of medical gender selection that you could choose from, some of which provide a 100% success rate, so if you actually want a girl, and you can afford the price of fertility specialists, then this is the best bet. but keep in mind it is very expensive.

Other Ways to have a baby girl

Of course, not all of us can afford the actual medical gender selection route. In that situation, you may want to try a number of of these techniques to get pregnant with a girl.

First, have a look at your diet. Research has proven that sperm destined to be baby girls (those that have the X chromosome) live longer within an acidic environment. By eating additional acidic foods (especially proteins), you may manage to help the normal selection process along.

Next, consider when you’re having sex. Sperm that can become girls generally live considerably longer than those which will become boys, so if you need to have a girl, you should be making love up to two days prior to due date to ovulate. That way, by the moment your egg will be released, most of the actual ‘male’ sperm is going to be eliminated.

Then there will be the matter of position. Sexual positions using shallower penetration, such as the actual missionary position offer sperm longer to swim. This again works in the favor of your ‘female’ sperm, as the males, while faster swimmers, may not live long enough to arrive at the egg.

Finally, there is the problem of orgasm. Unfortunately, the female climax makes the vagina an infinitely more alkaline place – that is better for male sperm. If you wish to have a baby girl, you should therefore attempt to avoid having an orgasm by any means.

No guarantees methods to have a baby girl

Of course, all of these methods for getting pregnant with a girl have been tried, and found to get more successful compared to leaving it up tonearly chance, but there continues to be a possibility they’re not going to work for everyone. So if you actually want to have a girl, you may want to get hold of your doctor about sexual category selection.

Guarantees method to have a baby girl

One guaranteed method I've ever tried, and always refers to the experience of an expert to determine the sex of a particular baby, alicia provide one method that reliable and guaranteed to work even if not 100 percent successful. some are already trying to feel secure and really have a baby girl naturally.

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August 26, 2013

How the best way to have a baby girl

how to have a baby girl
Like my article how to conceive a girl? no one method that has a 100 percent success rate that can help you to overcome the problem of actually getting a baby girl, if there is then these methods are very expensive and throwing your money very much.

Methods such as microsoft and IVF would be recommended if you have millions of dollars to actually get to realize your dream of a baby girl. but how to have a baby girl in a natural way? one of the most important to you and your partner are familiar chromosome notice.

X and Y chromosome plays an important role in the formation of the fetus of a baby at the same time as the initial determination of the sex of a baby. Diet and sex positions that allow you increase the chance of having a baby girl will help you, this choice is one of the best options that you can take and make the base method to have a baby girl.

In case you and your spouse must be a partner should both know and be willing to have a baby girl. however the intention to have a baby girl will come true if you and your spouse do with intention.

All mothers in this world always ask. how to have a baby girl? actually there is no definitive answer that can make you really could have a baby girl, but do not be afraid to try natural ways, especially from an expert who really knows how to get a baby girl.

Chromosomes X and Y will be the basis of your knowledge to be able to determine the sex of the baby that you want. some pregnancy experts claim factor of fertilization and the formation of chromosomes could be a good start for the women who are planning pregnancy baby gender specific.

Food to eat to have a baby girl to be one important component of the formation of the fetus based on the value of the nutrients and protein that is the source of the food eaten. mothers like you and your spouse should pay attention to this.

Diet to have a baby girl, Source of calcium and magnesium to be one of your supporters protein can increase the chance of having a baby girl in a natural way. The protein can be found in foods such as :
  • Nuts
  • Milk
  • Chocolate is not containing salt
Your diet should be maintained regularly every 2 months before you have sex with your partner. if you keep your diet this can increase your chances of having a baby girl with an accurate rate of 84 percent. (You can download my books for free to learn every detail of food to eat to have a baby girl just by leaving your name and email address, it's easy).

Sex positions with your partner can increase the chance of having a baby girl

Sex positions to have a role that can help you get a baby girl naturally, although some experts out there find the natural symptoms that can help you have a baby girl in their entirety.(Miscrosft and IVF). But I will not discuss how the cost of a very expensive drain just to have a baby girl you want.

The right sex positions to conceive a baby girl, Has several ways you can improve your chances of having a girl baby if you follow the process in the desired and your partner can try to have sex 3 days before your fertile period comes. This method helps you increase the chances of conceiving a baby girl with a success rate of 80%, while the style of lovemaking right, you and your partner have to face each other due to the slow process of chromosome journey into the ovum.

Y chromosome as the sex chromosomes forming a baby boy has died properties easier than on the X chromosome as the sex chromosomes forming baby girl. opposite sex position will hinder the Y chromosome and chromosome X provides the opportunity to tap into your ovum. (You can download my book with a more detailed explanation of this sex position. by leaving your name and email address).

Do not buy a pregnancy programs baby's gender.
On the internet there are millions out there pregnancy planning program for a specific gender. I will not give recommend program for your if it does not work on me. some programs are sold on the internet are from people who are not owners face or a company that does not want to expose themselves and be responsible.

Guide is one of the best ways for you and your partner have a baby girl perfectly. The guide can you get in a real doctor in your town or you can consult with me via the email address with tips and methods that I use that can really help improve your chances of getting a baby girl.

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August 21, 2013

6 tips how to have a baby girl

how to have a baby girl
Some of the many mothers expect if the content is in the baby's stomach is a girl, but while the moms out there find it difficult to conceive how the right.

Unique fact is a housewife would do anything if it issues a family perfection, although likely to be the dreaming is still very thin. If you are a truly intend to have a baby girl. best option is to follow what each has done by people who are experienced in determining the baby's gender specific. you can check who is the expert guide to help you have a baby girl success rate nearly 94 % to have a girl.

So you want to know how you can get pregnant with a girl. My first tip? Don’t even attempt to conceive until you are absolutely positive you’re okay with having a boy because there is absolutely no way to guarantee the baby you have will be a girl. It just isn’t possible.

There are things you can do to increase your chances or getting pregnant with a girl but not one of them offers a 100% guarantee that your little bundle of joy will be Paula and not Paul. So how to you get pregnant with a girl or at least increase the chances of that happening? Let’s take a look at some of your options :
  • Ovulation may play a role

    There is a school of thought that says having conceiving before you ovulate will increase the chances you will get pregnant with a girl. According to this theory, if you conceive on or close to your ovulation day you will be more likely to have a boy. I’m not entirely sure I buy into this theory but there does seem to be evidence to support it. Sperm that contain the Y chromosome (sperm that produce boys) are smaller than sperm that contains the X chromosome (sperm that produce girls). This also means Y chromosome sperm move faster than X chromosome sperm. Following that logic, having sex closer to the ovulation date would make it easier for the smaller, faster sperm to reach the egg. Again, I’m not convinced I believe that to be true yet but it doesn’t hurt to try.

  • Diet may impact your chances of have a baby girl

    Calcium and magnesium are said to play a huge role in whether you conceive a girl or a boy. Some women have had success conceiving baby girls by taking calcium and magnesium supplements but before you run out to the store, make absolute sure you consult with your doctor beforehand. You absolutely do not want to take anything that may not be safe for your baby. Your doctor will be able to tell you exactly what you can and cannot take. If supplements are off limits, try eating cranberries, drinking milk or consuming other foods and beverages high in calcium and magnesium.

  • Cervical mucus is helpful but not if you’re trying to have a baby girl.

    Cervical mucus is a great way to predict when you’re going to ovulate but it is also a great way to reduce your chances of conceiving a baby girl. It isn’t impossible to conceive a baby girl if you have cervical mucus but there is some evidence to support the idea that it is a little less likely. If you have your heart set on a girl, you want to do everything you can to increase your chances of conceiving one. Try taking an antihistamine before you have sex. Sudafed is said to work wonders. This will help dry up cervical mucus allowing for increased chances of conceiving a girl.

    Some people recommend douching to get rid of cervical mucus and increase your chances of getting pregnant with a girl. I do not support that theory at all. Here’s why. Douching can be extremely bad for your vagina. Your vagina is a fragile place with a fragile balance of things taking place. Douching gets rid of the bad bacteria but it also gets rid of the good bacteria which can throw off the balance of your vagina and leave you with a yeast infection. That is not a good thing. A little cervical mucus also helps you get pregnant. An antihistamine will reduce the amount of mucus without eliminating it entirely. In addition, it also isn’t so harsh on your fragile vagina.

  • Don’t waste your money on junk products to have a baby girl

    There are a whole lot of people out there willing to try to capitalize on your desire to have a baby girl. While there are many excellent books on the market, don’t waste your money buying kits or supplements. A large portion of them just don’t work. If you’d like to invest in a book, check reviews on that book. The internet is a valuable resource that will help you separate the trash from the treasure. The point here is that you absolutely have to be smart when it comes to this sort of thing. There are people out there who will take advantage of it. Be careful not to let them.

    Some other reason you could be inadvertently understand how a quality product. Internet could be solving your problem if you think based on the recommendations of the experts in the TTC. follow my email list my recommend to solve the problems you face with tips and proven product. or you can try book very higly recommend for you with the expert book by alicia peningtone. this people is very smarter and exaclty expert to have a baby girl or a baby boy you want. review this Check alicia site here

  • Have sex during the new moon phase of the moon

    This one might seem a little out there and there is precious little science to back it up but several of my friends swear it did the trick for them. They all have baby girls so maybe there is something to it. According to, negative ions in an environment create a favorable circumstance for conceiving a girl while positive ions favor boys. There are more positive ions than negative ions during the full moon. The opposite is true during the new moon phase where the number of negative ions are higher. If you’re charting your ovulation, look for a time when your most fertile period occurs during the new moon and try to have sex during this time. Will it guarantee a girl? No, but it won’t hurt your chances either.

  • Be okay with having a boy

    If you stress yourself out trying to conceive a baby girl, you may not only prevent yourself from having a baby girl but may prevent yourself from having a baby at all. Stress is extremely bad for the body, especially when a woman is trying to conceive. Nothing on this list guarantees you a baby girl. You could do everything on this list and still wind up with a son and really, what’s wrong with that? While you may want a little girl you will still love a baby boy just as much. If you don’t think you’ll love a son as much as you’d love a daughter, it might be time to reconsider whether or not you actually want to have a baby.

August 9, 2013

Myths Predicting Your Baby Gender

how to have a baby
Care to know?
Curious about the gender of the tiny tenant who's been subletting your uterus for the past nine months? You're not alone.

Since the beginning of time, expectant parents have tried to guess whether the baby they are carrying is a boy or a girl. Here's the scoop on seven of the most prevalent myths about predicting the gender of your baby.

1. Heartrate
"A heartrate of less than 140 beats per minute means that you're having a boy while a heartrate of over 140 beats per minute means that you're having a girl."

Although this particular myth has been kicking around for decades, there's only one study on the books that supports it: a 1993 study at the University of Kentucky that concluded that the fetal heartbeat could be used to correctly predict the gender of 91% of male fetuses and 74% of female fetuses.

Every other study conducted before or since has reached the exact opposite conclusion -- that the fetal heart-rate can't be used to predict the gender of your baby.

2. The shape of your belly
"If you're carrying your baby high, it's a girl. If you're carrying your baby low, it's a boy." If you've managed to get through nine months of pregnancy without having someone predict the gender of your baby based on the shape of your belly, count your blessings!

Many people still lend credence to a rather sexist bit of English folk wisdom that states that boys are carried down low and out front because they need greater independence while girls are carried up high and across their mother's body because they need greater protection -- the origin of this particular gender prediction myth.

3. Morning sickness
"If you are experiencing severe morning sickness, you're having a girl." Theories such as this one have been tossed around for years, but a recent study added more fuel to the fire.

Swedish researchers discovered that 56% of women hospitalized with severe morning sickness ended up giving birth to baby girls. Even if there is something to this study -- something that's led to more than a few heated arguments among obstetricians -- the findings aren't exactly definitive.

At best, you can conclude that you may have a slightly higher-than-average chance of having a baby girl if you're feeling exceptionally crummy. It's up to you whether you want to paint the nursery pink on that basis!

4. The baby is active "If the baby is very active, you're having a boy." Here's yet another theory based on some rather sexist assumptions: males are boisterous while females are placid.

What this theory fails to take into account, however, is the fact that the amount of fetal activity that the mother feels is largely a matter of perception. If she's running around at breakneck speed all day, she may fail to pick up on the movements of all but the most energetic of fetal kickboxers!

5. Cravings
"If you're craving sweets, you're having a girl. If you're craving salt, you're having a boy." While it would be convenient if you could rely on your craving for chocolate as proof positive that there's a baby girl on the way, there's no hard evidence that cravings are linked to the gender of your baby. In fact, the jury's still out on whether cravings exist at all! So don't count on your cravings -- real or imagined -- to tell you whether to buy pink or blue.

6. Pendulum or circle swing
"If a wedding ring or needle suspended over your belly moves in a strong circular motion, you're having a girl. If it moves to and fro like a pendulum, you're having a boy."

This particular method of predicting the gender of your baby works much like a ouija board. Micro-muscle tremors over which you have no control cause the ring to move in a particular direction -- a sensation that can be spooky to say the least, but that doesn't tell you a thing about the gender of your baby.

7. The Chinese conception chart
"The Chinese conception chart can tell you if you're having a boy or a girl." The Chinese conception chart -- the brainchild of a 13th century scientist -- claims to be able to help you to predict the gender of the baby by linking your age and the month of conception to the gender of the baby. While it has a reputation for being highly accurate in China, it simply hasn't been able to stand up to the same scrutiny here in North America.

So if these myths are consistently off the mark, why do we keep turning to them again and again?

According to the experts, there are two factors at work: the fact that you've got a 50/50 chance of being right each time you predict your baby's gender and the fact that you're more likely to remember your successes than your failures!

Their advice? If one of these "tests" convinces you to load up on pink frilly dresses, be sure to keep the receipt!

August 2, 2013

Research Diet Before Pregnancy Can Determine Baby Gender ?

Diet to have a baby girl
The study, which links higher energy intake around conception to the birth of sons, provides the first explanation of why the number of boy babies is in decline in the west, suggesting it is the result of women consuming low fat foods and skipping breakfast, among other things.

The research shows a higher calorie intake around the time of conception can shift the odds of having a son from ten to 11 boys in every 20 births. The effect was such that the more women ate, the more likely she was to have a boy.

As well as consuming more calories, women who had sons were more likely to have eaten a higher quantity and wider range of nutrients, including potassium, calcium and vitamins C, E and B12.

In other words, women who want a son should eat a generous bowl of cereal for breakfast, munch bananas, use more salt and boost their overall daily calories by 400 calories - the equivalent of a meal.

Although the DNA in sperm determines sex, it seems that in the never ending battle of the sexes mothers can favour the development of one sex of infant rather than another, a faculty that nature uses to fine tune the sex ratio in Stone Age days to suit times of feast and famine, says the team from the Universities of Exeter and Oxford.

To reveal how you are what your mother eats, the team focused on 721 first-time pregnant mothers in the UK, who did not know the sex of their unborn child and were asked to provide records of their eating habits before and during the early stages of pregnancy.

They completed detailed questionnaires which asked about their usual consumption of more than 150 common items, and recorded details on the types and quantities of breakfast cereals, margarines and milk they used. During pregnancy they also kept food diaries.

They were split into three groups according to the number of calories consumed per day around the time they conceived, revealing that 56 per cent of the women in the group with the highest energy intake at conception had sons, compared with 45 per cent in the lowest group.

"The effect was linear, that is the more women ate, the more likely she was to have a boy - so the effect might be even larger if women had particularly high intakes" says Dr Fiona Mathews of Exeter, lead authorof the study in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.

An additional son per 20 births was down to eating more than 2200 calories compared with fewer than 1850 calories of the low intake group and there was an average difference between the mothers of boys and girls of 130 calories per day.

Dr Mathews says this could explain why over the last 40 years there has been a small but consistent decline, of about one per 1000 births annually, in the proportion of boys being born in industrialised countries, including the UK, the US and Canada.

This decline mirrors the fall in average energy intake in the developed world (the obesity epidemic is driven by burning fewer calories in everyday life, due to less overall exercise, and eating high fat diets).

"This research may help to explain why in developed countries, where many young women choose to have low calorie diets, the proportion of boys born is falling," says Dr Mathews, adding that there is also a link between higher national incomes and fewer boys.

There is also evidence that skipping breakfast is now common in the developed world: in the USA, the proportion of adults eating breakfast fell from 86 per cent to 75 per cent between 1965 and 1991.

"Our findings are particularly interesting given the recent debates within the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority about whether to regulate 'gender' clinics that allow parents to select offspring sex, by manipulating sperm, for non-medical reasons. Here we have evidence of a 'natural' mechanism that means that women appear to be already controlling the sex of their offspring by their diet."

The work complements studies of other animals that shows that more sons are produced when a mother has plentiful resources or is high ranking, reflecting how boys are more taxing to raise.

"Boys breast feed for longer and for more," she says. "There is evidence from traditional societies that mothers invest more time in bringing up boys. And if a mother has plentiful resources then it can make sense to invest in producing a son because he is likely to produce more grandchildren than would a daughter. However, in leaner times having a daughter is a safer bet."

The phenomenon, where lean times are linked with daughters, has been most extensively studied in insects, but is also seen in horses, cows and some species of deer.

Dr Mathews adds: "Potentially, males of most species can father more offspring than females, but this can be strongly influenced by the size or social status of the male, with poor quality males failing to breed at all.

Females, on the other hand, reproduce more consistently. The mechanism is not yet understood in mammals, but it is known from IVF research that high glucose levels encourage the development of male embryos while inhibiting female embryos. In humans, skipping breakfast depresses glucose levels and so may be interpreted by the body as indicating poor environmental conditions and low food availability.

The findings showed no evidence of a link between the gender and a mother smoking and drinking caffeine prior to pregnancy. Nor was there a correlation between the body mass index (BMI) of a mother and the sex of her child.

Professor Stuart West, from the University of Edinburgh, comments: "This is an interesting result that is consistent with what appears to be going on some animals, such as red deer. However, I would be extremely cautious about using diet to try and influence offspring sex.

First, the effect appears to be relatively small, with the sex ratio varying from only 45 per cent sons with low calorie diets, to 55 per cent sons with high quality diets.

Second, similar data in animals such as non-human primates shows huge variation between studies, and so it would be key to determine the repeatability of these results. Third, diet will have other effects for both the parent and offspring."

The sex of a child is determined at the moment of fertilisation, when an egg containing an X chromosome encounters a sperm. That sperm can contain either a Y chromosome, in which case the embryo will be male, or an X, in which case it will be female.

This study was funded by the Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust.

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