May 23, 2013

How To Conceive Baby A Boy Or A Girl By Lunar Conception

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Planned children, Lunar Conception and the Jonas Method The moon might help to get planned children, respectively fulfill your childhood wish. If the observations of the Prague psychiatrist and gynecologist Eugen Jonas and others are correct, the moon might help to get pregnant. His conclusion was confirmed in a later study. He asserts an interrelation between moon phases at the birth of a women and her own fertility.

" When the moon stood in the same phase as it was at the birth of the women ", so the conclusion of the study " the fertility rate was significantly higher." (Uta K├Ânig, Das grosse Buch der Fruchtbarkeit, p. 60). Best for reception is the day which precedes the moon angle at birth. (that means the angle between sun and moon, which ultimately determines the moon phase.)

Example : You like to become pregnant. You are born the 1.1.1970 at 8 o'clock. If you calculate you moon type you learn, that it was during waning moon at a moon angle of 274°. Now you test with the moon angle calculator the 1st of August 2006, 12 o'clock and find out, that the moon angle was 80 "almost" correct ;-) So you try the 20 th of August, without calculating much, but this will show 323°. Since the moon angle changes every day by 12° (0-360) you can help yourself calculating 323° - 274° = 44 and divide this by 12. Then you get 3.66 comma whatsoever, that is the approximate number of days (per 12°), which are missing to 274. If you calculate the 16 th of August 2006 at 12 o'clock it turns out, that you were almost correct: 275°! Since the day before is the day with the highest probability, you better mark the 15. red in your calendar.

In order to find the next especially favorable days, you have to call to mind, that the moon needs approximately 29,5 days until it is in the same phase in the sky. Therefore it is best to test next the 12.4. (again 8 o'clock). You will find out that the moon angle is 272°. With his information you can - without much calculation - conclude, that the 11.4. is an especially favorable day for getting pregnant.

Sex: boy or girl ? The moon can influence the sex of a child, depending if it is fathered on a male or a female day. A child, who is fathered on a day, when the moon stands in female sign, (Taurus, Cancer, Virgin, Scorpion, Aries, Pisces) tends to be a girl, a child, who is fathered on a male day (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius) tends to be a boy.

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