March 31, 2013

How To Have a Girl - 7 Best Ways in Which To Has a Baby Girl

How To Have a Girl - 7 Best Ways in Which To Has a Baby Girl

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 How to A baby A girl Prediction When looking into how to make a baby girl, several aspects have to be considered, from the most favorable moment for having sex to the future mom’s diet. Measuring the body basal temperature daily and charting ovulation are the most accurate methods one can use when trying to find out how to conceive a girl without relying on medical gender selection procedures.

However, some less scientific methods – such as using vinegar when douching or eating more acidic foods can also bring good results for those wondering how to make a girl. Baby’s gender seems to also be influenced by the position adopted during sexual intercourse, so make sure you get familiar with all these more or less scientific techniques if you’re trying to conceive a girl.

How to make a baby girl by choosing the best moment in your ovulation cycle

Baby a Girl Scientists say the day in your ovulation cycle when you have intercourse can influence your baby’s gender as female chromosomes – those tiny fragments of DNA and proteins living inside each cell’s nucleus and responsible for one’s physical features – live longer than male chromosomes in sperm cells.

Every time you have sexual intercourse and your partner’s sperm reaches inside the vagina, two types of DNA-carrying particles are released: male and female sperm. Obviously, if you’re trying to find out how to conceive a girl, you’ll have to find the best method to make female cells outlive the latter inside your womb or fallopian tubes.

Female sperm molecules are slightly bigger and remain viable inside the womb up to 72 hours. During this interval, they’re constantly seeking an egg to fertilize so by having sex 3 days before ovulation you considerably increase the changes for female sperm to be the only one present inside the fallopian tubes when the egg is released.

So remember, the first rule for those wondering how to make a baby girl refers to finding the best moment for sexual intercourse and that moment is 3 days before ovulation. However, this isn’t always as simple as it seems so the second rule we’ll look into will explain how to calculate this day by tracking ovulation.

How to make a girl – Baby gender selection through ovulation tracking

While some women have very regular menstrual cycles, others have a really tough time when it comes to predicting the exact ovulation date so using an ovulation predicting kit is the easiest way to enhance the changes of having a baby girl. These kits can be purchased from any pharmacy and they’re very easy to use so anyone can use this unconventional gender selection method in the intimacy of their own home.

Kits for ovulation prediction work by detecting the presence of a certain hormone, called luteinizing hormone (LH) in the woman’s urine or by measuring levels of estrogens in the future mom’s saliva. Those measuring the LH level in urine are considered 99% accurate and they need to be taken for at least 6 days starting with the 11th day of your menstrual cycle. One or two day before ovulation actually takes place and the ready-to-be-fertilized egg is released, a surge in LH levels will be detected.

This surge will be visible as colored bands appearing on the test stick after urine is placed on the test kit. For maximum accuracy, urine should be collected between 10 am and 8 pm, preferably at about the same hour every day. If possible, try to take the test around 2 pm as this hour is considered the most relevant for analyzing compounds in urine.

After taking the test, the result should be visible in 10 minutes – if LH levels are higher than normal, the colored band appears and it doesn’t fade away within the next hours. If no surge is detected, you should continue taking the test for at least 5 days more – don’t worry, these kits come with 5 to 9 sticks so you won’t have to buy additional ones for detecting your most fertile days when looking into how to make a girl.

Baby gender selection using saliva-based ovulation tracking tests

Saliva-based ovulation predicting kits are easier to use yet less accurate than urine-based OPKs as besides estrogens, saliva also contains salt and both these compounds are found in higher than normal amounts before and during ovulation. What these tests actually measure is the so-called “salivary ferning” or the drying of saliva and the formation of a fern-like pattern on the test stick.

Putting too much saliva on the kit or taking the test after drinking or eating something can alter its results. The easiest way to test your estrogen levels with this OPK is by placing saliva with your fingers on the stick or by licking it before eating and drinking anything. Still, tiny air bubbles may enter saliva so again, the test’s results can be compromised.

Just like urine-based ovulation predictor tests, saliva-based ones should be used for 5-9 days so if your cycle is rather regular and lasts for around 30 days you can start testing for estrogen levels from day 11-14. But if your cycles are irregular, count the number of days in your shorter cycle, count backwards by 2 weeks and then start testing from the day you obtained through this process.

You may need to test estrogen levels from day 5 while other women do this starting with day 22! This is perfectly normal as every organism is different so make sure you follow the tips above correctly in order to avoid spending a fortune on OPKs and using them daily.

How to make a baby girl by controlling acidity level inside the womb

How to conceive a girl without worrying about ovulation and fertile days? By controlling acidity levels inside the vagina – as strange as it sounds, this can be done very easy by adding some vinegar in the water when taking a bath.

Acidic environments are known to favor the survival of female sperm so douching with acidic water after having intercourse increases the changes of conceiving a girl. Still, avoid using too much vinegar as using more than one part of acid solution to four parts of water leads to a very acid environment, altering the bacterial equilibrium inside the vagina and killing all sperm cells.

To make sure the vaginal acidity is favorable for conceiving a girl, you can test it using regular pH paper strips. Just hold the paper against the vaginal walls for few seconds and then wait for the kit’s color to change. Compare the result with those given on the chart.

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How to make a girl by measuring basal body temperature

The basal body temperature ( BBT ) is the temperature your body has in the morning, right after waking up. As ovulation approaches, hormonal changes inside your body lead to an increased BBT, which can be easily detected with a regular or special thermometer.

By charting the obtained values the body’s temperature patterns can be easier detected and the most fertile period can be predicted with accuracy. Before ovulation, the basal body temperature is 0.4 to 1 F degree lower than during ovulation so if you notice an increase in the recorder values it means your fertile period starts.

For better results, try to measure the BBT before you get out of bed, at the same hour each morning. If the temperature remains elevated after you ovulate, chances are you’re already pregnant as this is one of the symptoms pregnancy comes with!

Conceiving a girl by choosing the right position

The position you adopt during sexual intercourse is also important when looking into how to make a girl. Baby’s gender can be influenced by this factor as sperm cells may find it easier to travel thorough the fallopian tubes when your cervix is found in a certain position.

Man on top and the missionary position are considered the most favorable for conceiving a girl as sperm is deposited as far away as possible from ovaries and fallopian tubes. As previously said, female sperm survives for longer periods inside the female body so it is more likely to reach the uterus after a 3 days journey than male sperm, which resembles sprinters instead of marathon runners.

Still, don’t forget to stop having intercourse 3 days before ovulation as otherwise, no matter what position you choose, changes to make a girl will considerably decrease.

How to make a baby girl by watching your diet

Watching your dietary habits can also increase the chances of having a girl as foods rich in magnesium and products that increase the acidity inside the digestive tract are thought to alter male sperm and favor the survival of female sperm.

Green veggies are very healthy and deliver important amounts of magnesium, just like whole grains and corn. These should all be part of your diet, along with red meat and sweets in moderate amounts, as these products change the pH value of mucus inside the cervix to a more acid one.

Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges or grapefruits as well as dairy products containing high amounts of calcium should also be eaten daily, as milk and foods rich in calcium are also listed among the best allies a woman can have when looking into how to conceive a girl naturally.

So remember, in order to find the best solution to how to make a baby girl, you have to watch not only your basal body temperature and ovulation period but also your eating habits, the levels of certain hormones in urine and saliva and the positions you adopt during sexual intercourse. By keeping an eye on all these factors your chances of having a girl will considerably increase without the need of invasive and costly medical gender selection procedures.


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