June 16, 2013

How to Conceive A Girls Top Tips

how to conceive a girls tips easy
This article is a supplement to the gender determination article "How to Conceive a Baby Girl: 5 Tips to Help You Get Pregnant With a Girl". If you are looking for more tips on how to get pregnant with a girl, here are some additional suggestions that might help. While it is not 100% accurate in helping you conceive a girl, it does sway the odds a little.

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Take Lydia Pinkham Supplements In the 1880's, Lydia Pinkham became a household name after she created nutritional supplements to help with menstrual discomfort. In 2003 it was noticed on an internet message board that several women who took Lydia Pinkham supplements conceived a girl. After some more research, it was notice that the Lydia Pinkham supplements are very acidic. This can then create an acidic environment, making it more likely for only the girl sperm to survive and fertilize the egg.

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Read the Book "How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby" This book is written by Dr. Landrum Shettles. He noticed that when timing ovulation and 3 days or more before intercourse, women were more likely to get pregnant with a girl. He also noticed that the pH of cerivcal mucus can affect the sex of the baby. There is some debate as to whether his method is effective for a girl, check it here to read more the Book .However, if you are serious about trying to conceive a girl, this is a book that might help.

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Douche To Help Lower Your Cervical Mucus pH There is some evidence that a more acidic environment increases your chances of conceiving a girl. One way to create a more acidic environment and lower your pH is to douche with a product such as lime. It is important to test your pH as well, to ensure that it is working. Please note, that douching can lead to yeast infections as it disrupts the natural environment. You might consult with your doctor regarding this.

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Have Intercourse During a New Moon When there is a new moon, there are more negative ions in the environment. When there is a full moon, there are lots of positive negative ions in the environment. Many believe that negative ions increase the chance of a girl, and positive ions sway the odds in favor of a boy.

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Forget the Old Wives Tales / Chinese Chart There's a Chinese Gender Prediction chart that you can easily find on the internet. It's about 50% effective and is just for entertainment purposes only. I saw a poll on one message board and it had about a 52% accuracy rate. Also forget the old wives tales that you'll have a boy if your son's first word is "Da Da" etc. Don't take any of those seriously.

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