June 28, 2013

How to Diet to conceive a girl

how to conceive baby a girl
how to conceive a girl ? The primary point is the selection of day for the intercourse. It should be not on the very peak day (utmost fertile day: the mid point of the cycle- the most wet day) of woman’s menstrual cycle. Avoid sex on that time make sex in previous days from 5th while keeping the following points for having a baby girl

Semen contains sperms with X Y chromosomes and ovum contains XX chromosome.

When the X of man intersects with X of the women the child will be GIRL

When the Y of Man intersects X of the Women the chills will be BOY.

Y-chromosomes cannot live in acidic situation but this condition is favorable for X Chromosomes. On the peak day virginal tube and area will be in the state of least acidic and it is most favorable for Y Chromosome. So the sexual intercourse on this peak day gives the maximum chance for Boy.

This gives you a good chance to get what you want. Here are the magic numbers…

Dates to Conceive Baby Girl

Female Child: Days 5, 7, 9, & 15 from commencement of menstruation.

No other days are good for conception and there are a few black out days as well depending on the phase of the moon.

Diet to conceive a girl

Magnesium rich foodstuffs also help in conceiving a baby girl. Beans, green leafy vegetables and legumes are rich sources of magnesium.

foods high in magnesium and calcium




leafy green vegetables.

Avoid Alkaline foods which favours boy child

Banana, apricots,figs,raisins,nuts,All Bran, baked potatoes with skins.

most meats, and whole grains

Tips for having a girl

Increase your PH value using Acid Foods for concieving a girl

However, if you faster or more dramatic results, you can accomplish this through combining your diet and douching. There is an easy way that you can test this. Get a PH testing kit from many nutrition stores or on line. Test your PH before you start any of the diets or douches. Then, after a few days of your restrictive diet, test again. You’ll probably see moderate results. Then, douche with a solution meant to increase your PH and test again. You’ll likely see that the douching made a big difference. But, douching is not mandatory if you have the patience to implement the diet and keep testing until you reach optimal levels.

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