June 3, 2013

Tips To Have A Boy

how To Have A boy tips
If you are looking for ways of improving your chances of conceiving a boy then you will be happy to discover that there are a few simple steps that you can take. Just using will help to improve the odds greatly in your favour and have baby boy you want.

As many couples today tend to only have one or two children the chances of them having a boy and a girl are greatly reduced. So using the tips we provide below will surely help to sway the odds more in favour of them having the child that they would really want.

When conception takes place it isn’t the man or woman who determine the baby’s gender in the ovum but the sperm which fertilizes the egg. For the chances of this couple having a baby boy they need to ensure that a greater number of the sperm carrying the male chromosome reaches the eggs released. So the first thing couples need to understand is the characteristics of the way sperm acts once in the vagina.

The male sperm swims a lot faster than the female does and is also much smaller and lithe. But due to this they only live for a short period of time. So for a couple to ensure that more of this sperm reaches the released eggs they need to make love close to the time when ovulation takes place.

Ideally the couple should be making love no more than a day before or after ovulation takes place. If they make love a few days before ovulation occurring this will ensure that a greater number of the male sperm die off before reaching the ovum. This in turn means that more of the sperm carrying the female gene is able to reach the ovum and fertilize it.

Along with knowing when is the most appropriate time to make love to ensure that the chances of conceiving a boy are increased. All couples need to understand how the environment with the woman’s vagina can affect whether they have a baby boy or girl. If it is too acidic then a large number of the male sperm released during love making will be killed off. So eating a diet that prevents this from occurring is important.

But along with making changes to her diet to reduce the levels of acid in her vagina a couple use to make love where the man’s penis penetrates more deeply into the vagina. This is because the area close to the entrance of the vagina is naturally acid where it is more alkaline closer to the area of the cervix. By ensuring that male sperm is placed nearer to the woman’s cervix will help to ensure that a greater number survive and reach the ovum after its release.

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