July 6, 2013

How To Conceive - Top 6 Sex Tips

How To Conceive A Baby Girl
You might have spent most of your life (and an excruciatingly embarrassing high school health class) learning how to avoid getting pregnant, but things are different now. You don’t need to take a special class to learn how TO get pregnant. Here’s the short version of how to turn the odds in your favor that sex will lead to conception.

Not Too Little, Not Too Much

More isn’t necessarily better when it comes to conception sex. Most experts recommend that you have sex every other day when you’re trying to get pregnant. That helps to keep men’s sperm counts high and also ensures that you’ll be having sex at least once or twice during your most fertile days.

Get The Timing Right

If you don’t want to have sex every other day all the time, try to pinpoint your ovulation date (by monitoring your cycle, taking your basal body temperature, or using an ovulation monitor), and then make sure you’re having sex every other day for at least a week beforehand until a day or two after ovulation.

Make Sure You Use "Sperm-Friendly" Lubricants

Most commercial lubricants are toxic to sperm; they might make sex more comfortable, but less likely to lead to pregnancy. When you’re trying to conceive, skip artificial lubricants entirely in favor of natural substances like canola oil, or choose one of several “sperm-friendly” lubricants on the market.

Assume the Position

How To Conceive A Baby Girls
Actually, it doesn’t really matter what position you choose. Sperm are designed to swim towards the cervix, whether you’re right side up or upside down. But some doctors do say that sexual positions that deposit the sperm as close to the cervix as possible might make a difference. The missionary position is just fine for that.
Take it Easy Afterwards
Again, there’s no real evidence that lying in bed with your legs in the air after sex really helps sperm don’t need extra help to swim, and the liquid that runs out of you after sex is mostly seminal fluid and dead sperm (the live sperm are still swimming up). But it can’t hurt to lie in bed for twenty minutes or so after sex rather than jumping up right away. Every little bit helps!

Remember That Sex Is Fun

This last tip isn’t really going to help you conceive, but it will help keep your relationship healthy. Too many couples report that when pregnancy doesn’t occur within a few months, sex turns into a chore rather than a pleasure. So don’t forget the romance, foreplay, and fun. Just because men need to have an orgasm to conceive, and women don’t, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, too!

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