March 31, 2013

What To Do To Have A Baby Girl Baby

7 Powerful Ways

how to get pregnant girl If you’re constantly wondering what to do to have a baby girl without having to pay for expensive treatments or drugs, the best answer is to look for natural solutions and tips that can help you select your baby’s gender without any help from physicians.

A quick search online can give you lots of suggestions on how to have a girl baby, lots of them being already tested by other women who, just like you, wanted to have a female baby but without undergoing medical procedures. Here are some of the pieces of advice other women who managed to conceive girls could give you.

What To Do To Have A Baby Girl - Restrict Sugar Intake

Restricting the sugar intake is a simple solution for limiting the amount of calories eaten daily. As known, female sperm molecules are larger and less fragile than male sperm, therefore they can survive better even when they don’t receive all the nutrients they need.

By eating fewer sweets and sugary products, you can stick with a diet that’s lower in calories thus less likely to support the male sperm and the fertilization of the egg by cells carrying the Y-chromosomes.

How To Conceive A Baby Girl - Use Vegetable Oils

how to get pregnant with a baby girl Vegetable oils such as olive oil for example can be wonderful allies when trying to conceive a baby girl, especially when they’re used as lubricants. Inserted into the vagina in very small amounts, this oil favors the traveling of sperm towards the ovules and makes it easier for conception to take place.

However, if you want to have a girl instead of a boy, you should mix this method with another one, more classical, such as the rule that says to have sex 4 days prior to ovulation, as this way male sperm is quite likely to die until the ovule is released.

Vegetable oils, unlike petroleum-based ones, don’t alter the pH of the vaginal flora so their effectiveness is not based by the principle that says that a lower pH – meaning a more acidic one – favors the survival of female sperm.

How To Make A Baby Girl - Avoid Watermelon

Watermelon is one of the most delicious fruits you can have during summertime but it’s not the best choice for those of you wondering what to do to have a baby girl without relying on medical treatments.

Although low in calories and excellent for detoxifying the body and preparing a healthier environment for a baby to be conceived, this fruit is also alkalinizing, which means it actually works by increasing the vaginal pH or making it friendlier to male sperm, not to sperm carrying the X-chromosomes.

Thus, if you’re trying to adopt a diet that would boost the chances of getting pregnant with a female baby, make sure to keep the intake of watermelon at a minimum and replace it with fruits that are more acidic.

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl - Eat More Chicken

Adding more chicken to your diet is a good strategy for increasing the odds of getting pregnant with a female baby. How does this food help you conceive a girl instead of a boy, you might ask?

Just like other meat types, poultry or chicken creates an acidic environment inside the vagina, which means that ingredients in this food work by lowering the pH of the bodily fluids and the lower the pH goes, the more difficult it gets for sperm carrying the Y-chromosomes to survive.

You should opt for well cooked chicken – avoid fried chicken if possible – as eating it only partially cooked can be unhealthy for both you and the baby, in case you manage to get pregnant.

How To Have A Baby Girl Naturally - Don’t Eat Rice

If you’ve been searching for tips on how to make a girl baby for a longer period you probably know that it’s generally recommended to adopt a diet that’s lower in calories for a girl and a higher caloric one for conceiving a boy.

Rice is one of the foods that are healthy but also very rich in calories, especially if we talk about white rice. Yes, it does provide calcium and magnesium but it contains even larger amounts of potassium, and this mineral is friendlier to male sperm than to female one, as studies have shown.

It’s therefore better to limit the intake of white rice and to opt for more green leafy veggies, which are considered the best allies for conceiving a baby girl. Also, more meat and dairy products can help you select your baby’s gender naturally.

Complete Your Family With a Beautiful Girl Baby

Best Way To Conceive A Girl - Use Mustard

Mustard has numerous health benefits, starting from its low caloric content and continuing with its high content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium and other important vitamins and nutrients that are required for carrying a healthy pregnancy to term. However, mustard does provide high amounts of sodium too, so this is why the intake should be moderate.

When consumed correctly, just for adding flavor to foods, mustard can increase the chances of having a baby girl as even if seeds by themselves are not acidic, certain ingredients added in the various types of mustard on the market make these products rather acidic than alkaline.

As you already know, the lower the pH in your vaginal tract is, the higher the chances for conceiving a baby girl as male sperm doesn’t usually survive in acid environments.

Best Way To Have A Girl Baby - Eat More Spices

Last tip for those of you looking for the best way to conceive a girl using only natural methods refers to adding more spices to your daily meals. Pepper, sumac, peppers, these can all turn your internal pH into a more acidic one, although you don’t usually perceive spices as “acidic” foods.

Compared to lemons for example, which are alkalinizing, spices seem less acidic, when they actually lower the pH of the bodily fluids. So make sure to add them to your dishes if you want your body to be friendlier to female sperm than to male one.

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What To Do To Have A Baby Girl Baby

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