March 31, 2013

how to a baby girl - 7 great easy way

7 great Easy Ways Baby girl pregnant

Looking for solutions to how to get pregnant with a girl but don’t really want to invest in too expensive medical treatments that can help you choose your baby’s gender? Then why don’t you try some herbal and natural solutions, such as the foods, plants and sexual positions recommended below?

These are among the simplest ways to get pregnant with a girl and they are not only affordable but also very easy to apply in the comfort of your home, with no intervention from a specialist.

As you’ll see, these suggestions are quite simple and are, most of them, based on the principle that says that a more acidic internal environment favors the survival of female sperm and that a vaginal tract that receives fewer nutrients and it drier is less likely to support the traveling of male sperm towards the egg.

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl By Eating White Pasta

Best ways to have a girl White pasta is often avoided by women trying to get pregnant as even if this food provides quite large amounts of nutrients it also comes with lots of calories. But the good news is all these calories and nutrients are helpful when looking for solutions to how to get pregnant with a girl or boy.

Now, just to make sure your efforts are correctly rewarded, try to limit the intake to 2-3 portions a week and make sure you get pasta that’s enriched with calcium and fiber. Calcium will boost the chances of conceiving a baby girl, while fibers will improve digestion and prevent the accumulation of excess pounds.

How To Conceive A Baby Girl - Delay Motherhood

While this is a less classical and sometimes risky method of increasing the odds of having a girl instead of a boy, it’s scientifically proven that women who delay motherhood and give birth to babies in their middle 30s or early 40s are more likely to have female babies.

The explanation is quite simple: with age, the level of testosterone in a woman’s body decreases considerably so even women who only gave birth to boys in their early fertile period can conceive a girl as they approach the age of 40.

However, if you don’t really want to wait that long for having a female baby, there are lots of natural, noninvasive and affordable solutions to how to conceive a baby girl, so make sure to check the other alternatives listed here.

Best Way To Have A Girl Baby - Avoid Mint Tea

A more convenient solution refers to avoiding mint tea, as even if this plant is known to provide very large amounts of vitamin C, A and B12, as well as folic acid, all of them excellent stress-relievers and fertility boosters, regular intake of mint tea is linked with higher chances of conceiving baby boys.

A better nourished internal environment is more likely to favor the fast movement of male sperm towards the ovule and the fertilization.

Female sperm survives easier in an environment that’s somehow deprived of certain nutrients, so while we don’t encourage you to adopt a diet that lacks important nutrients, we do recommend avoiding this tea and replacing it with products that are friendlier to female sperm, such as raspberry tea for example.

Best Position To Conceive A Girl - Spice Up The Missionary Position

When it comes to finding the best position to conceive a girl, most specialists agree that those positions that allow for shallow penetration are better for having a female baby. However, having sex only in the same position can be boring and since the missionary one is the most recommended for conceiving a girl, perhaps you should look for ways to spice it up a little.

Give an extra zip to this classic position by raising a leg until the knee touches your partner’s shoulder or by putting one leg around his waist. This will make things funnier so even if it’s not full proof, meaning that it doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a baby girl, it’s still nice to try it for some variation!

How To Have A Baby Girl Naturally With Blueberries

Blueberries are very rich in antioxidants which protect against harmful free radicals, enhancing immunity and making it easier for a woman to conceive and carry the pregnancy to term. Also, these fruits provide high amounts of B vitamins, vitamin C, A and E as well as manganese, potassium, zinc, iron and cooper.

All these nutrients are necessary for creating a healthy internal environment but they’re not the main reason that blueberries are recommended when trying to have a baby girl. The ingredient that makes these fruits effective in increasing the odds of having a female baby is the chlorogenic acid, found in high amounts in blueberries.

Complete Your Family With a Beautiful Girl Baby

How To Make A Baby Girl - Drink Coffee

Many scientists believe that consuming coffee during pregnancy or before getting pregnant is not healthy, but the truth is that consumed in proper amounts, this beverage can help one get pregnant with a female baby.

Coffee makes the internal pH more acidic and this is the simplest way to select your baby’s gender naturally: by making sure the pH of your vagina is friendlier to female sperm than to male sperm.

But, as said, make sure not to exceed two cups of coffee per day, as studies have shown that women who drink lots of coffee on a daily basis usually need three times the interval other women need for conceiving a baby.

Best Way To Conceive A Girl - Use Sudafed

A last suggestion for those of you trying to get pregnant with a female baby is to start using Sudafed right before having intimate contact as this will dry up the cervical fluid, making the vaginal environment less friendly to male sperm.

When the vagina is better lubricated there are lower chances of making a baby girl as male sperm travels faster but if there isn’t enough fluid, the X-bearing sperm will survive while the male sperm will die. So creating a hostile environment is a good strategy for increasing the odds of having a baby girl.

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