July 23, 2013

Sex Positions For Conception To Conceive Baby 7 Best

Sex positions to conceive a baby
What’s the best position for baby-making when getting busy in bedroom? If you want to know how to increase your chances of getting pregnant, read on.

Turns out: Most sex positions are great for trying to conceive. “As long as ejaculation occurs deep within the vagina, the position does not appear to influence the likelihood of conception,” says Alan Copperman, MD, director of infertility and vice chairman of the department of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center, in New York City.

So while there is no single position that leads to a sure thing, they can all make the magic of having a baby happen. When trying to get pregnant, it’s actually best to have sex every other day around ovulation to maintain a good sperm count, so spice up your love life with each of these deeply penetrating twists on oldie-but-goodie moves!


While some people think the missionary position (man on top) is ideal for trying to conceive, banking on gravity working in your favor, there's no scientific proof. If you want to keep groovin’ this way, but want to switch it up, try the CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) position. Rrrroowwww! It was coined by sex researcher Edward Eichel in the late 80s. It’s a variation of the missionary style, and you've probably been doing it already and didn't realize it was actually a different move. If you’re not familiar with it, give it a try for the love of science!

The move : When your guy is on top of you, shift his weight onto you and toward your shoulders, and align your pevis with his. With legs bent, thrust your hips toward him as he thrusts toward you, and at the same time rotate your hips in a grinding motion to stimulate an orgasm that's as good—if not better—as when you're straddling your guy cowgirl style.


You don't have to be flexible to spice things up with creative placements of your legs that allow for deeper penetration—just be adventurous!

The move : Lie on your side with one leg raised in the air. Have your partner lie on his side facing you so he can slide right in with his legs in between yours. Lock hands, pushing your hips into each other while pulling your upper bodies away from each other while in the hold, surrendering to the intensity of the experience.


When you assume this pleasure-seeking position, he’ll go far in hitting all the right zones. If you have a tiled or a tipped uterus (which means the uterus tips toward the back of the pelvis), some speculate that rear-entry sex is best for conceiving. While there’s no solid scientific evidence to back this up, you can have a lot of fun fact-checking the move out yourself.

The move : Give the hands-and-knees pose a boost by hiking up your hiney or one of your legs for plunging excitement. When lying on your belly, curve your lower back, lifting your bottom as high as you can, and if you want to surprise your partner, hook one of your legs around him.


A spin on the seated missionary position, this back-bending move is for the couple who wants to defy gravity in search of discovering the A-spot, the highly erogenous area between the G-spot and the cervix.

The move : Get into the seated missionary position. Your man sits with his legs bent, hands behind him, and then lifts his hips. You do the same but rest your legs on his shoulders. From there, just turn yourselves on!


If you feel you’re not limber or strong enough to hold your body long enough to get the rise you need out of the interlock position, don’t despair. You can still reach sensual heights for baby-making bliss with your feet in the air.

The move : Lie on the edge of the bed, while your guy stands in front of you, put your legs up on his shoulders, and enjoy in a more laid-back way!


This is the ride-him right move that will let you take control!

The move : Straddle him, and then pivot around. You can even squat while rotating your hips while moving your pelvis area up and down for deep penetration. For extra action, you can swivel your body around in a full 360-degree movement.


Cuddle time in bed can turn into moaning-great time if you use that embrace to your sexual as well as your emotional advantage.

The move: Lay on your side with your partner spooning you from behind, so your back is to his front. Have him enter you while he’s holding you from behind. Twist around your upper body, so you’re looking into one another’s eyes, while pushing your hips into one another and at the same time pulling your upper bodies away from each other while in the position.

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