April 3, 2013

Tips For Getting Conceived

tips to conceive a girlFor most women, conceiving is just so easy. However, for some, this does not hold true as it can take longer before they could be pregnant. Getting useful ideas and following some safe and healthy tips for getting pregnant is necessary if you want to get pregnant quickly and conceive a child .


About 85% of couples in which the woman is under 35 will conceive naturally within one year if they have regular unprotected sex. Pregnancy is the fertilization and development of one or more offspring. Conception can naturally be achieved through sexual intercourse and artificially with the help of assisted reproductive technology.

The beginning of pregnancy may be detected by either with or without using medical tests. Pregnant women usually undergoes physiological changes that includes respiratory, metabolic, renal, cardiovascular, as well as hematologic changes. Most pregnant women experience a number of symptoms which can signify pregnancy. These includes excessive tiredness and fatigue, frequent urination particularly during the night, cravings for certain foods that are not normally sought out, and nausea and vomiting. Pregnancy detection can be accomplished using one or more various pregnancy tests.

Childbirth usually occurs about 38 weeks after conception. When the pregnant women begins experiencing regular uterine contractions accompanied by changes of her cervix primarily effacement and dilation, then the woman is considered to be in labour. Most childbirths are successful vaginal births, however, some may undergo a cesarean section especially when complications arise.

Tips For Getting Pregnant Faster

  • Have Sex Three Times A Week
  • The best way to get pregnant faster is to have a regular sex. It is true that sex that is not within the time of ovulation will not result in pregnancy. But you can increase the chances of getting pregnant by engaging in more sexual intercourse.
  • Having Sex Before Ovulation
  • Do not wait until the day you ovulate to have sex. After a woman ovulates the egg will survive approximately 24 hours. Sperm, on the other hand, will live for up to three to five days. Having sex 2 days prior to ovulation will improve your chances of getting pregnant even more.
  • Have An Enjoyable Sex
  • Researchers believe that having an orgasm during sex increases your chances of getting pregnant. When a woman is aroused, her vaginal walls secrete arousal fluids that can help to make the vaginal environment less acidic and more sperm friendly. The spasmic movements of orgasm for women will help pull the sperm into the uterus and for men a better orgasm may increase the man’s sperm count. Having enjoyable sex will not only make the process of trying to conceive less stressful, but it could help you to get pregnant faster.
  • Check Your Mucus
  • What most people don’t know is that having sex on the days that you see fertile cervical mucus is more important than timing intercourse with ovulation. It didn’t matter when the woman ovulated, if she had sex on a day when she had fertile cervical mucus, she was more likely to conceive.
  • Have a Morning Quickie
  • Men’s hormone levels are highest in the morning. Morning sex may add a little spontaneity to your baby making routine and your sweetie’s sperm count may be a little higher at this time of day as well.
  • Reduce stress
  • Stress is a major factor that prevents conception by first of all reducing desire for sex and by producing free radical that prevent conception. Meditation, deep breathing, making love, and exercise can be very helpful in reducing stress.

    The best and the most important tips for getting pregnant is knowing how your body works and keeping it healthy and stress free in order to achieve conception.


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