April 6, 2013

New Methods To Conceiving a Girl

Gender Selection

Conceive a girl with Naturally Way Couples consider gender selection for many reasons, including family balancing, such as when a couple has several boys and would like to add a girl. Same-sex partners may wonder about their ability to properly parent a child of the opposite gender. Or maybe a couple has always pictured having a little girl. Whatever the reason, you need to consider several things prior to using these techniques.

Most importantly, when looking to old wives' tales, there are no guarantees; they are not based in science. The only way to ensure you will have a girl is to use Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, or PGD. But you'll have some decisions to make. What will you do with any healthy male embryos? Freeze them for later use, discard them or donate them to another woman or research? What will you do if there are only healthy male embryos? Will you discard them all and try again or transfer them anyway? Consider these questions before proceeding with PGD.

Low-Tech Methods To Conceive A Girl

Perhaps the most well-known way for conceiving a girl is the Shettles method, named after the scientist who developed a specific plan for gender selection. He believed female sperm--which carry the XX genotype---are heartier and more likely to survive in an acidic environment. Therefore, for a couple to conceive a girl, they should have intercourse up until two days before ovulation and not again until the fertile window has passed. This allows the female sperm to reach the egg once the male sperm have died off. It is also believed that if a woman has an orgasm during intercourse, this will make her cervical mucus less acidic, and therefore less advantageous for female sperm.

Some of the most common old wives' tales suggest that eating a diet rich in calcium and magnesium will help you have a girl, while others suggest eating lots of chocolate and sweets will. The Chinese gender prediction calendar is a fun tool to check out. Using the mother's age and the month in which conception occurs, fans believe you can read the chart to accurately determine the baby's gender. However, keep in mind that gender is based only on the genetics of the sperm fertilizing the egg.

High-Tech Methods To Conceive A Girl

Science has developed several technologies that actually use the genetic characteristics of the sperm cells or even the exact genetic profile of the developed embryo for gender selection. For these techniques, you need a fertility specialist or reproductive endocrinologist. As the idea of " designing embryos " is controversial and the fact that the technology is relatively new, not every physician will provide this service. Confirm the reproductive endocrinologist you wish to use actually utilizes these technologies in his practice when make your appointment. These procedures may not be covered by your health insurance and can be quite expensive. Before seeking treatment, check with your insurance provider to determine coverage.

Microsort takes advantage of the fact that female DNA is considerably longer than male DNA. A modified flow cytometer separates sperm cells into male and female cells. The lab then attaches special fluorescent probes to the DNA of male (fluoresces green) and female sperm (fluoresces red or pink), allowing the lab technologists to verify the accuracy of the sorted sperm. The selected sperm are then used in conjunction with either insemination or in vitro fertilization.

PGD is always done in conjunction with in vitro fertilization. Once the embryos are created, embryologists remove one cell from each embryo and send them to a lab, where the cells are biopsied to determine the gender. Then, the appropriate embryos will be put back into the uterus.

Now the methods applied in the medical world as a slight change in the composition of the latest and found a simple method, it is important and accurate in expecting a girl pregnant.

Without producing the side effects of excessive and severe, with simple you can apply wherever you are without having to leave your family, you can determine the Gender of your baby today and planning for your perfect family.

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