April 12, 2013

Natural Gender Selection - Best Ways To Select Baby Gender

You can try natural methods for free in your own home, but are they really effective?

Timing Methods

How to Have a gilr Baby
Select Your Baby Gender Boy Or Girl
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These methods advise you to choose your baby's gender by carefully timing intercourse with respect to ovulation; have intercourse either several days before, the day of, or just after ovulation, depending on the method you choose and the gender desired. You'll need to learn to detect when you ovulate.

The Shettles Method

The world's best-known at-home method for choosing the sex of your baby, and "the method best supported by scientific evidence" according to Dr. Landrum Shettles. But after 3 decades, is there any proof that the Shettles method really works.?

O+12 Method for Conceiving a Girl

Method popularized by a devout Shettles follower -- after the birth of her 6th son! Kynzi theorized that a girl might be conceived just after ovulation. Her 7th child? A daughter!

Gender Diet and Supplements To conceive

Lydia Pinkham's Herbal Compound

There's been a flurry of discussions on the boards lately about using " LP " to conceive a girl. What's it all about?

Preconception Gender Diet

best naturally way to selection a baby gender
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The boy diet / girl diet theory holds that altering your body's pH through diet may influence the polarity of the egg (if it has one), or make the vaginal environment more or less hospitable to sperm.

1.Diet high in potassium and sodium for a boy.

2.Diet high in calcium and magnesium for a girl.

Astrology Methods

Methods theorizing that the mother's birth date can be used to predict the gender of future children.

Chinese Gender Calendar to Conceiving

Is it an ancient Chinese secret or a hoax? Find out just how accurate the legendary Chinese gender chart really is at predicting whether your baby is a boy or a girl.

Gender Venders

Entrepeneurs claiming to have discovered an easy and foolproof method for choosing your baby's gender.
Best Ways Gender Selection
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1. Kit includes gender-specific "neutraceuticals" ( dietary supplements ) that " function as prenatal vitamins ", a thermometer for tracking ovulation, and instructions for timing intercourse and ovulation. ( This kit sounds like Shettles + diet + vitamins. )

2. Company proved reveal success rate of actual buyers of the product.

3. Money-back guarantee

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