April 11, 2013

Myths Conceiving a Girl

How to Conceiving A girl
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Do you want a boy or a girl? There are no secret recipes to make your wish come true, but there are many myths and stories about how to choose the sex of your child when you are trying to conceive. Many myths say that it is necessary to follow a specific diet before you conceive, whereas others suggest using a specific position during the sexual act.

Myths about conceiving a girl

Unfortunately, there is little medical evidence to confirm the old tales about choosing the gender. If you still want to try, nothing should stop you, especially since it costs no money and is harmless.
You will have a baby girl if :

  • 1.The woman initiates the sexual act
  • 2.You and your partner eat fish, vegetables, sweets, cheese, unsalted foods, rice and pasta
  • 3.The man doesn’t drink coffee
  • 4.The woman sleeps on the right side of the bed
  • 5.The woman is on top and faces North, during sex
  • 6.You make love on odd days

  • Studies Cocnceiving

    However, a Dutch study conducted in 2010, proved that women who try to conceive a girl should eat a diet rich in rice, vegetables and goat’s cheese. These foods have a significant role in increasing levels of calcium and magnesium, which help in conceiving a girl. Women who participated in this study, were advised to conceive well before ovulation.

    Another study conducted in 2004, by American scientists, associated diets rich in fat products with the increased chances to conceive a boy.

    Two medical methods to choose the child’s gender

    There are two commonly used scientific methods to choose the sex of your baby. One of them involves the selection of sperm chromosomes that determine gender. Female egg always has X chromosomes, while sperm has chromosomes X and Y. Depending on their combination, it may result a girl or a boy.

    Method 1

    The procedure involves artificial insemination. Seminal fluid is analysed separately, and insemination is done according to preference. The reported success rate is quite high. Approximately 80% for boys and 72% for girls, but parents should take into account the relatively high costs of the procedure.

    Method 2

    The other method involves in vitro fertilisation and selection of embryos before implantation, when tests are made to discover if the child would face serious genetic diseases like Down Syndrome and hemophilia. During these tests, which involve embryo screening, the doctors can determine the gender of the child and implant only the selected embryos. This procedure is even more expensive than the first one, but it has a success rate close to 100%.

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