April 2, 2013

How Can i Have a Baby Girl - Best Way To Conceive a Baby Girl

For various reasons, many couples want to have a baby of a particular sex or gender. But in most cases this wishes never materialized simply because such wishes were left to chance. The fact of the matter is that couples could influence their baby's gender by doing certain things. So, in this article we look at how to have a baby girl.

The are a number of things couples could do to conceive a baby girl

Conceive to baby a Girl

With How to ensure the level of acid content on food

To get pregnant with a baby girl, a woman need an acidic reproductive duct or cervical area. A Ph test, therefore, needs to be carried out to ascertain the ph level. If the result indicates otherwise - alkaline, then steps like douching and Ph dieting needs to be taking to change it to the required acidity.

Eating of acidic food and douching with the appropriate ingredients can bring about the desired change in level. One can get the testing kits( Ph testing kits that is ) from health food stores. The Ph scale ranges from 1-14. The lower readings -1 to 6 indicate acididity, the upper end ( 8 to 14 ) reflects alkalinity and 7 is neutral.

Endurance of sperm

Girl sperm can survive up to 5 days unlike the boy sperm that can't live beyond day 3. To have a girl, therefore, couples should have sex not too close to ovulation - 3 to 5 days before ovulation. This ensures that the boy sperm died off leaving only the surviving girl sperm to fuse with the egg(ovum)

Methods like saliva testing, cervical mucus observation and basal body temperature can help find out when ovulation is due. These kits monitor your urine, blood and saliva and indicate when ovulation is near. You can get them from health food stores.

Neutralize the acidity of the reproductive tract secretions

To conceive a baby girl, you need to deny yourself orgasm. This is because secretion during orgasm tend to neutralize the acidity of the reproductive duct, thus increasing the survival chances of the boy sperm and reduces the girl sperm chances of fusing with the available egg. Chances of getting pregnant with a baby girl is thus reduced.

For best result, all the above points should be considered. So, there you have it! Don't just leave your wish to have a girl to chance.

- Find yourself in that low Ph level through low Ph dieting and douching - Know when you ovulate - using any of the testing kits - Have sex 3 to 5 days to ovulation

And your chances of conceiving a baby girl will have improved to 90 - 98%. Good luck!

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